Hi I’m Vasare Nar freelance artist based in Belfast , North Ireland.  I was born in Vilnius 24 years ago and after attending art school back home  I’ve been really passionate about art design and photography.

I  graduated in Design For Visual Communication in University of Ulster  (Belfast) in 2011 and have been working on freelance projects and collaborations since then. This blog is my “visual wonderland’, full of  visual inspirations about illustrations, photography, fashion, ART & design and loads of daily updates about my work (photography and illustration)

I draw, I create mixed media collage art,  I design prints for textile,  and take Photographs.
My aim is to create colorful and quirky patterns inspired by Spontaneity, Freedom and Playfulness. Bold and vibrant colours  is always at the heart of my work. I love  to incorporate hand drawn elements in my mixed media designs to create bold abstract visuals.
 My past and present design experience includes working with:  Shutterstock ● SmartGuy ● RAAAD.fr ●KESS In House ●Urban Outfitters ● wysiwatch ● badgoods● Urban Outfitters ● Society6 ● UKAVD ● Wooop.fr ● ROXLIN

This is blog is a space where I can share my latest  creations in design and photography. I love drawing,  working on various creative projects experimenting with mixed media designs, textile print patterns and graphics for clothing.  I also take Photographs. It’s my passion,  I really can’t go anywhere without my camera.  Thanks for Stopping by Hope you enjoyed looking through my blog and if you would like to get in touch about collaborations/commisions or anything really email me at


please visit my site www.vasarenar.com

Press Interviews

May28th Artist profile Vasare Nar

Designer Spotlight – Vasare Nar (Patternbank)

My blog is a place  where you can find a lot of colors and patterns, fashion, trends some illustrations, a lot of joy and some random little things ! I hope you enjoy it 

vasare nar artists freelance illustrator textile design


Feel free to join my  Facebook page or  follow  me on Twitter  and Instagram

contact mail@vasarenar.com

33 thoughts on “About

  1. sorry not really feed back just a question, are you using a plugin for comments or is this the default wordpress.com comments box now?

    Just ignore if that doesn’t make any sense.

  2. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Returning the compliment, Your work is terrific. I love the style.

    Check out Scott Morgan photography (link from my facebook if you need to). His work is stunning and you seem to be developing a similar style.
    Fiona. x

  3. Great blog! I recently purchased my first dslr and i’m getting a lot of inspiration from your work. I’m also a vis comm student; just starting out. Random question: how does one go about making an iphone cover to sell? I see you’ve made quite a few. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Hi there thanks for your comment, glad you find my work inspiring:) To sell iphone cases you should register on society6 cause all you have to do is concentrate on making illustrations and they will do the rest for you, I noticed that pattern illustrations are the most popular ones for iphone cases especially triangles, geometrics and aztec tribal prints sell more than any others, hope this helps and feel free to get in touch if you have anymore questions:)

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  5. Hi, I’m in love with your blog, tumblr and website, all this is amazing!
    I love design, and drawing too, and I wanna be so good like you in future.
    Congratulations for this work. :)

  6. crazy// but the same day that i found your blog I found a big and uncontrollable inspiration!
    I decided to make my own blog with all my graphics creations!
    congratulation for yours cool-works!
    – wish one day to find the same creativity and originality like you ^^

  7. you inspire me like sunshine sickness baby girl!!! You are the weather. You lick your ravoli clean from the plate of potatoes of yesterday! Congrats on graduating college, you always deserved it. Good luck with your projects and I love your art filled walls <3

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