Fashion cravings. Urban Outfitters

 I decided to do new series of post with some fashion and accessories picks from my favourite clothing shops. Today I would like to feature few items that I found at… Urban Outfitters (YES. love love love what they have in-store) Each week I will pick a shop and create a fashion inspired collage based on my finds, let me know in the comments bellow which shops you would like to see next. Hope you enjoy it and Have a great day! fashion-urban-outfitters-clothing-collage-mixed-media-art-illustrator-freelance-designer-vasare-nar-style-trend-2014-2015-jumper-magazine-cool-bloggers-shopping-topshop-elle-vogue-summer-winter-

Here is the list of items I used for this collage.

Green panda sweater // Black dress // Tie-Dye skirt // Collar Sweatshirt // Deena & Ozzy Boots

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I have some new prints available in my society6 shop and here is one of them, mixed media collage – Tropicana Macaw If you use this Link you will get FREE Worldwide shipping for most products in my print shop until 12th of January.

tropical-macaw-mixed-media-collage-art-design-artist-freelance-cool-illustration-triangle-drawing vasare nar artist design illustration freelance tee apparel-collage-mixed-media-art-freelance-designer-illustrator-drawing-markers-cool-inspiration-tropical macaw tee fashion apparel style cool vest tropical vasare nar fashion topshop urban outfitters summer 2015 inspiration yellow


Wednesday Inspiration Gold / Metallic / Silver / Antique

Hello hope your week is going well. Here is this weeks Wednesday inspiration post.  And its looking gold! I created a few collage type of mood-boards with everything gold/ metallic/ silver and antique that i’m really loving right now. And with many great sources of inspiration (here and there) I’ve put together some of my favourite visuals in these collages. You can see my previous posts featuring some inspirational fashion details, photographs and design here  (pastel colour block) and here (black and white).

       “Do all things with love”  art print available here 

1typography mood.colour-inspiration-gold-metalic-Tungsten-Platinum-steel-fashion-trend-aw-2015-2016-2017-report-metallic-honey-glitter-gold-magazine-layout-collage-moodboard-fashion-style-objects-triangles-geometriceye-collage- copy

(Collage) mood-boards used in this post ©vasarenar 2013

*images for the collage taken from tumblr and pinterest 

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Art prints at // Curioos //

I Would like to let you know that I have two of my designs available as Art prints on Curioos  (The digital Ar factory full of great designs from artist around the world)

I was really excited to be part of another great site, where artists gets to showcase their work. I have many great news coming   soon with new range of watches and tee collection , so stay tuned for more updates !

art-design-curioos-artist-flamingo-wall-decor-home-dorm-print-decoration-livingroom-elle-pink-vasarenar-collage-mixed-media-designer-freelancer-portfolio-poster-cool-awesome-hipster-tumblr-             //  Flamingoland Art print $25 //


 // Ayahuasca cat Art print $25 //

All prints are individually numbered, stamped, signed and shipped with a certificate of authenticity from Curioos.

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White + Summer

First Summer Day! Finally its here, what are your plans?  Few mood boards from my Pinterest images

White+ art+ space+ blue

image inspiration white art typography love tumblr moodboard blue layout cool design fashion style stairs

White Tee available here

summer of typography love layout inspiration pastel baloons sunglasses magazine tumblr facebook waves electric blue


Summer mood-board, load s of white and blue colours.


          Summer-time .

Experimental  mixed media collage that I created a while ago.

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Rainy Saturday, magazines and coffee

Such a rainy day , but a cup of nice coffee with some new magazines makes it much better!  Im also going to cut these magazines for the collages  that I’m making  this weekend so it should be a fun afternoon! ( Maybe some Wine later).. coffee magazine elle bazaar iphone reading collage inspiration cool art rainy day ireland rain magazine-chanel-elle-collage-cut-outs-words-love-tumblr-type-miu-miu-vogue-dior- jungle fever Here is some type/ words that I already have cut out from my other old magazines, already used the Jungle Fever for one of my collages, just need to scan it first. Fashion magazines are great for collages cause there is loads of Article titles that you can cut out, and even gives you some ideas of how to call a certain art work. Just looks Like a  mix of keywords when you look at it. Topshop-zebra-cool-interior-display-fashion-drawing-triangles-geometric-awesome-sharpie-markers-inspiration-neon-colour-

And just a few snaps from my instagram @vasarelle , saw this Zebra at Topshop in Belfast the other day, How awesome ? And on the left some random doodles, while on the phone, because you know…drawing while on the phone is very productive!

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Urban Outfitters Zine #1

Sunday  Fun day. Earlier I went to Urban Outfitters to buy this book  ( I will do a post on this later on ). And realised they have a new Urban Outfitters  ZINE  (or not so new? ) To be honest  I didn’t even know they  had one, so when I saw this zine  in-store I had to take it home:)  Its really inspiring, full  of great art , photography and illustration posters by a bunch of talented creatives! (ant its FREE). Here is some photographs of whats inside.



I decided to put these posters on my art wall  for some daily inspiration ,Looking forward to see Issue #2.

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Art (works) In Progress

Hello all, its Friday again! Hope  your week was great. Here is Something that I’ve been working on recently, some  new collages and illustrations in progress, if you have read  my previous post Just Do It  I just tried to go by that and stay on top of things , hope next week will be even more productive until it gets warm and then it will be different story ha. I get emails from some of you and  you ask me how I create my collages and other pattern designs would you like to see a tutorial on blog someday? Let me know and have a great weekend!

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// Kurybos procesas kuriant naujus koliazus ir iliustracijas, meginau vadovautis savo priestai sukurtu blogo irasu Just Do It !

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