creepy vintage ads

I Have been doing some research on advertising for my new project and found this  website » that has some really creepy, weird, disturbing vintage ads so then I looked for some more on different websites here are my top!  have look, which is your favorite? Or creepiest!

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Hugo Boss posters round 15 Pop Art and the City

So last week I got an email about this Hugo boss competition, Its open for all people no matter on your design skills you can either use their ‘Generator’ which I found quite easy to use, but the result you get is quite limited because everyone seem to use same backgrounds and textures.So I decided to use some of my own illustrations, together wish their logos and etc provided. I only had a day to create them because of the deadline, but round 16 is now revealed and I am looking forward to spend a bit more time on the round 16 posters.  Its quite fun especially when I have nothing better to do nowadays : )) lol


I am Pepper T-Shirts by Vasare (ME)

A Few months ago we had a project in university where we had to create our own T SHIRT brand and design T-Shirts. I called my brand ‘I AM PEPPER’ the idea behind was that a word Pep means energetic lively, and thats what kind of attitude I am trying to create with my designs. These T-Shirt designs were aimed for graphic designers and people interested in design so majority of  illustrations has hidden little detail that could be hold relevant to design, or anything creative . I also created a few Ad campaigns for these T-SHIRTS to show you how fun it is to wear ‘I AM PEPPER’ tees lol


lovely posters by two talented designers

Found these on Behance network, something about these posters is so nice, the simplicity yet its not that simple to make it after all! Have a look and let me know what you think:)

“Chrysler – Paper City”
Car (shoot, retouch) – Lukasz Murgrabia

Environment (3D, retouch) – Pawel Nolbert


Yummy Chocolate by Mary & Matt.OH How nice is that!

You should check artists Mary & Matt special design choholate editions their laters creations are inspired by everything from David Hockney paintings to rugby shirts. Yuumy!

Flavor Editions.

“I scream! You scream! We all scream for…chocolate?!

Handmade chocolates made in small batches. Always fresh and delicious.”

Strawberry Stripes Bar.

Dark (72%) Chocolate and White (36%) Chocolate with Natural Strawberry Ingredients. 3 oz.

Two flavors in one. A classic combo bringing to mind the taste of chocolate dipped strawberries. Inspired by Gene Davis paintings and rugby shirts.

Neapolitan Bar.
Dark (72%) and White (36%) Chocolate and Natural Strawberry Ingredients.
3 oz.Our favorite flavors served side-by-side. Made in memory of Farrell’s ice cream parlour.

Strawberry Bar.

White (36%) Chocolate and Natural Strawberry Ingredients.3 oz.

A blend of natural strawberry and our white chocolate. Naturally aromatic, smooth and tasty. Influenced by our love of ice cream, Strawberry Quik and astronaut ice cream.

Chocolate Pie Chart.

Dark (72%), Milk (66%) and White (36%) Chocolate.

5.5 oz (3.5″ diameter x .75″ high)

Fudge the numbers with this chart made of 70% dark, 20% milk and 10% white chocolate.

Bueno Appetit!