Life Lately // Instagram Photo Diary

Hello it’s been a while since my last Instagram photo diary so today I will share some Instagram moments

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From left to right:

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 One. English breakfast at home, just love this type of breakfast.

Two.Tee designed by me ‘Be a rainbow in some ele’s cloud’ available at society6

Three.Messy workspace, design tools.

Four. My cat Chester sleeping in ‘the clouds’

Five.Found some unfinished drawings. I need to finish these.


Seven.Saturday at home, reading blogs and working on new designs

Eight.Smile out of haribo candies

Nine.How I like to drink my coffee, with coconut milk.

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful day! My Christmas was so different this year. I celebrated it in Sihanoukville (Cambodia) At the beach. First Christmas when its +30 outside. Not very ‘Christmass’ Christmas haha


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Created a Playlist on SoundCloud. Music I like to listen while creating

I Love to listed to music… when i’m drawing something, chilling, or just walking somewhere… Music always cheers me up. So I created a playlist on soundcloud with some of my favourite  songs right now. What music do you like to listen ? Share your favourite playlists, or songs I love to find new good tunes!

The design I used for the cover is my design called ‘Hypnotized’ available in my print shop 

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Spending Winter in Paradise

Hello! The reason for my lack of updates for the past 9 weeks is because I’ve been travelling. And right now I’m living in Asia (Sihanoukville). I’m spending most of my days at the beach, working on new designs, drawing new illustrations and chilling in this paradise beach…:)  also drinking fresh coconut water, and enjoying a lot of sun.Oh Yes! Christmas is very soon, but unfortunately it’s difficult to feel the Christmas mood when its +30 outside, but I can’t complain, i’m having a good time! I will try to build a snowman from sand tomorrow, haha.  Soon I will show you my new designs, but for now you can follow me on Instagram to get daily updates on my adventure :)


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FREE Worldwide shipping + $5 OFF Everything until 14th December

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well, and having a great time :)

Just a quick post for  today

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Also I Added some new illustrations, like Take me to Neverland and Good Vibes

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Work space / room decor. New Wall art

Every once in a while I feel like its great to mix things up a bit and re-arrange my wall-art, as this diversity of new visuals can be a great daily inspiration as well as motivation to create more. Here is some new/+ old graphic art prints  that I used to decorate my work space . Some of them available in my art shop

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Graphic Collage with  the  Unicorn is a Collaboration between me and Kris Tate, its available to purchase here

vasare nar artists freelance illustrator textile design

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January 2013 FREE SHIPPING

Hi everyone  just letting you know that there is

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© Vasare Nar 2013

© Vasare Nar 2013

I will be doing a give away for one o these products sometime soon so stay tuned !

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