Pancakes day / test shoot / & drawings

Hi happy friday! so since my last blog post about my aztec/ tribal inspired iphone covers  I’ve sold more than 20 of them and numbers seem to be growing thanks for everyone who promoted it and who bought it! would love to see a photograph of you and my case if you are owner of one of my cases please please  send it to me at and I will share it on my blog :) . Today I Just want to show some photographs that I took this week. I attended this ‘pancakes day’ event that is called  ‘Uzgavenes’ in my hometown. Everyone had to dress up and there was load of pancakes mmm. My favourite would be waffle pancakes with Nutella. Reed the rest here

photo of my friend  from a little test shoot earlier this week. (nuotraukos is parko pries keleta dienu kur fotografavau drauge)

saw this little rabbit while taking photos in the park, adorable! (sutikome zuiki mishke labai mielas)

my friend and her daughter at  pancakes day aka ‘uzgavenes’ event more photos here (drauge su dukrele per uzgavenes) Spauskite cia kad pamatyti visas foto 

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new drawings and some illustrations on society6

Been taking loads of photographs last week some of them on my last blog post , and also started some new illustrations and graphics that will be available on my society6 shop  .I’m really glad loads of people bought my illustrative iphone case thats available on urban outfitters shop I should really start to update my blog more often cause now I have soo many photographs that you haven’t seen yet, it will take a while to upload! By the way I booked my flight back to U.k so will be back to belfast on the 8th of december, looking forward to loads of x-mas shopping. Thats for now i’m going to draw some illustrated christmas cards and organise everything for fridays shoot.Already got some great ideas for clothes and make-up might even do a little mood board! once again you can find me on twitter here 

//Praleidau gana nemazai laiko fotografuodama praita savaite ir taip pat pradejau piesti ivairias naujas iliustracijas kurias sudesiu i savo society6 parduotuve  . Labai smagu kad daug jusu nupirko mano sukurta iphone dekla per urban outfitters, tai ikvepia kurti ir toliau :). Jau nusipirkau bilietus atgal i U.K skrendu gruodzio 8ta, kolkas tiek lekiu kurti kalediniu atviruku ir planuoti penktadienio fotosesija.

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End of year Show university of ulster VIS COM 2011

Last friday we had our end of year show, here is a selection of some photographs from that night, also you could check Viscombelfast blog if you want to see student portfolios and other information about the course. The rest of the photographs from the event on my Flickr also you can check my fb page  for more updates if you like  ;)

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Victoria Square in Belfast Valentines decorations

Looks like Victoria Square in Belfast put loads of effort for Valentines Day Decorations, I think it looks really well, and I was really impressed when I saw it a few days ago while shopping, let me know what you think:) xx
Gražiai padekoravo nors ir viena diena ta Valentino diena trunka, smagu kai kažkas mieste pasistenge:)

Sunny afternoon in the park

Today ,after uni I went to the park to clear my head and think about my final major projects for university, as sitting in the flat just doesn’t do it for me anymore lol, I can’t think clear when I know that its so warm outside, it was such a nice day, I didn’t even have to wear my coat! Love days like this!  xxx



Curious who is living in that little pink house…

Its a lovely Sunday evening and I’m doing some Brainstorms on my current university project, that I will tell you all about later, right know I can only say that it’s a lot about music, fashion and Illustration. Combine them together and you get the idea, even though there is still a lot to do, I will make sure to let you know more details, hope everyone is having a great sunday. Vasare

[translation ]

Sekmadienis, sėdžiu namuose ir darau eskizus naujam universiteto projektui kuris pagrinde susijes su muzika, mada, ir iliustracijomis. Sujunkite viska kartu ir gal numanote kas tai tokio. Kolkas per daug pasakyti negaliu nes dar ir pati nesu tikra dėl visų detaliu  :) Štai vakar mieste pamačiau labai jauku namuka, net idomu pasidarė kas gi galėtu jame gyventi, tikiuosi visi smagiai leidžiate sekmadienio vakara. x V

Night out with friends

Sometimes it’s so good to relax, go out and forget all the worries, but then reality overtakes and you know it was probably your last night out in the next few months. Yes in the next few months all of us poor students will be really busy, but it’s all worth it at the end!

[translation] Viskas daugiau nebebus laiko tusam ir vakareliam, prasideda tikri mokslai…Liko tiek nedaug atrodo iki  tos vasaros oj dziaugsis Vasare! Ir reikia susiimti  dabar ir visas jegas atiduoti idejom kurybai, svarbiausia, kad tai ne kancia  o idomus mokslai ,nes butu labai ilgi keturi menesiai.

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