New Year – New inspirations

Happy New Year Everyone! First Sunday of 2014 and I’m starting it with my weekly inspiration post. Here is some new pins from my pinterest that I found this year, some inspiring prints and visuals.


Nauji metai naujos Inspiracijos, sendiena dalinuosi naujais vaizdais rastais mano pamegtame pinterest 

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Black and white portait photography,Anger

6 Photographs of my fellow graphic design students  for my photography project -lighting where I took photogrpahs of my Uni mates expressing anger, I Enjoyed taking photographs for this project ,experimenting with lighting in the studio and trying to get the most out of my Canon ixus 100IS digital camera.  Comments more than welcome;)

Jason Barnes

Photographs in a subway

Hey! Happy New Year to all!! Sorry for not posting anything in ages..have been pretty busy, but my new year resolution Always find time for everything :D well its one of them…

Some photographs that I took for my photography project.The subway was really damp and scary, but it was good fun i enjoyed this risk, and a guy in a tracksuit bottoms that walked past me scared the hell out of me, thankfully camera wasn’t his object of interest that day !

Location Belfast, a subway that I found accidently.Somewhere near Office..

Camera Canon ixus

What else..Just me , my ipod and some magic gloves! lol it was REALLY cold!