List of 10 Useful Blog Posts About Social Media & Blogging

Pinterest is not only a great place to find inspiring visuals and ideas, but it’s also amazing spot to search for some blogging tips.  I want to share a list of useful blog posts on blogging & social media  that I found via pinterest, maybe they will be helpful. If you know any other great posts, articles or tips please share.

And now grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading. 

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So here is the list of: 10 Useful Blog posts about Social Media & Blogging: 

19 Ridiculously Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know 

20 min task list for bloggers 

How To Pick best blog Design 

30 Ways to Generate buzz for your blog 

SEO Made Simple 

6 simple Ways to Organically grow your Instagram following

10 Proven Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral  

18 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out 

101 Blog Post ideas 

6 Secrets to Easy and Awesome Blog Graphics 

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Pinterest addiction

Everyone loves a bit of inspiration and I feel really addicted to pinterest recently. I blogged about this site before, and you can see my profile here. Please share a link to your pinterest I would love to check what you have been pinning, here is some of my latest inspirational images.

//Labai pamegau naudotis pinterest jau seniau rasiau apie si puslapi, ten pilna ikvepianciu ideju namam, kurybai ir t.t mano profili galite rasi Cia , pasidalinkite ir savo butu idomu paziureti.

This is just beautiful you can buy those  painted driftwood sticks here click bellow to see more inspirational images

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Photo diary october-novermber (Vilnius)

Some photographs taken in the last few months, I have so many photographs that I haven’t uploaded on my blog yet, so here is a first bunch of photos from the last few months in Vilnius.

you  can follow my work on facebook  , twitter, and cargo

click to see the rest

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Tea packaging MS

By the way I bought some lovely tea today as I have an addiction on buying loads of tea I probably have peppermint already, but the packaging was so pretty that I just had to buy it and it was only 99p per box , tell me now isn’t it such a pretty tea packaging? I thought so.. IT IS!

Soo pretty!

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Today is a very special day , well I mean If you can put it that way, but its 8/9/10 so I thought it’s worth mentioning, please write a comment bellow if you didn’t realise what day it was before reading this. I actually saw someone mentioned it on twitter, and I hope some of you will find that out by reading this lol. Weirdest blog post, wait for more soon! I have something really interesting as always!


list of design Blogs that I read daily/weekly

I want to share a list of some  design/photography/illustration blogs that I read daily/weekly please feel free to share the ones you follow so I can expand my list :) My selection of Fashion blogs that I read will be posted in a few days so keep checking for those who are interested!


a print a day


Balla Dora Typo-Grafika

Ben Trovato

Black Maths




Friends of Type

Grid Based Designs

It’s Nice That



OK Great




The Strange Attractor


Event: Pecha Kucha Night In Belfast!

I am really looking forward to this design even on 23rd of june, just a week before my birthday to get some inspirations from great designers, illustrators and more! So if you live in Belfast or anywhere near, come along and hopefully see you there! :)

1 night, 10 Speakers, 20 slides each, 20 seconds per slide. The infamous 20×20 concept. A night of inspiration.

WED 23 JUNE 2010


Andy McMillan, Good on Paper
Barry Falls, Illustrator
Claire Mullan, Tee and Toast
Jamie Neely, Front
Joel Simon, Flickerpix
Lyndsey McDougall, Artist
Nik and Chris, Web Standardistas
Robert Durston, Photographer
Rose Kane, Doodle Bread
Sarah Landstreet, Marshmallow Grove

Come along and support our first Pecha Kucha.

Register for your free ticket here:

Get your tickets fast!

My Essay Dissertation layout (Blogging)

This is my  32 page  dissertation layout, the topic I chose was ‘What impact do design blogs have on graphic culture” to see the rest click here, I really enjoyed looking at the negative and positive sides  of Blogging and It was interesting to find out what Impact it has on Designers. I interviewed Dave Smith that used to run GrafikCache design blog, and is currently contributing with Grafik magazine blog every Friday, which Is great. Overall  this essay really helped me to find out a bunch of absolutely great new blogs, and the variety of them is unbelievable,What’s your favourite blog/s? Would be good if you shared them here with everyone :)