Christmas Home-decor and DIY inspirations

 28 Days until Christmas and I already started looking for some inspiring DIY/ Decor ideas on Pinterest . Here is some lovely pictures that caught my eyes. Have you started decorating you home yet? Check out these  awesome X-mas Pinterest boards that I found  for more ideas one // two // three

christmas-decoration-inspiration-diy-xmas-gift-ideas-shopping-cool-presents-tree-winter-holiday-season-inspiration-pinterest.jpg kaledos papuosimai idejos lightschristmas-decoration-inspiration-diy-xmas-gift-ideas-shopping-cool-presents-tree-winter-holiday-season-inspiration-pinterest.jpg kaledos papuosimai idejos                                                                images  can be found on my pinterest check it out here 

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Print and Pattern. Art and Design

Here is some of my latest print and pattern designs, that I haven’t shared on my blog yet. Check out my portfolio to see the rest. I want your feedback, Which one is your favourite?  What is your favourite fall colours? Next time on my blog, some awesome Christmas decor ideas. Have a great day!

abstract geometric motif african vibrant pattern background Facebook hipster tumblr society6 art design repeat artist freelance fabric textile fashion print trend SS14  kaleidoscope 90s 80s neon colour block trend 2015 summer vasare narleopard-print pattern textile repeat designer artist animal print vasarenar illustration trend sprint 2015 2016abstract geometric motif leopard african vibrant pattern background Facebook hipster tumblr society6 art design repeat artist freelance fabric textile fashion print trend SS14  kaleidoscope 90s 80s neon colour block trend 2015 summer vasare narcollage mixed media art textile print inspiration portfolio summer spring trend art abstract vasare narpattern-textile-aztec-tribal-native-navajo-blue-topshop-urban-outfitters-inspiration-tumblr-abstract-style-trend-summer-2014-2015-2016-vasare-nar-freelance-portfolio-

Oh and this as well!  I was browsing my Pinterest today and found awesome DIY Idea that I’m definitely going to try. White+Gold+Silver. Thumbs up!


Keleta mano nesenai sukurtu ‘print’u’ kuriais norejau pasidalinti ir smagi DIY Ideja kuria noresiu pameginti.

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Lets get creative! ( some favourite art supplies to create mixed media art)

Lets get creative  part two! Today so far looks quite productive I will be working on loads of new designs and patterns. When I’m creating new collages I usually have a selection of  different mixed media paper and magazine cut-outs in front of me as well as some vintage magazines with abstract textures. I also draw out some shapes with markers, that I scan later for the collage. Then its finished in  Photoshop.”There are so many possibilities limited only by your creativity and imagination!”


 At the moment my favourite/ most useful art supplies are UHU glue stick  | Sharpies | ProMarkers | Stabilo FineLiners. What I’m looking for right now is actually some great quality colourful pencils, any suggestions?

// Keleta megstamiausiu dailes produktu kuriuos naudoju kurdama koliazus.

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DIY leather envelope shaped case/bag

Todays post is something I  was ment to post ages ago, few months ago I made these A3 leather cases/bags to put my university research in them, it was really easy to make and costed only £6 to make both of them. All I did was – purchased a few meters of faux leather, and sewn both sides to make a bag, then I folded the front into the envelope/triangle shape and used strong glue to stick it together and after that I got some double sided sticky buttons and used that to seal the bag. Let me know what you think, and  link me if you ever tried to make a bag before.

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// Pries pora menesiu savo universiteto projektui sudeti pagaminau du tokius voko formos ideklus, buvo labai paprasta tiesiog susiuvau abi puses ir poto sulenkiau likuse dali kad gautusi voko/trikampio galas, poto suklijavau su stipriais klijais ir panaudojau dvipuse juostele  susegti tai (naudojama striukem, lietsargiam ir t.t. ) Ar teko jum kada pasisiuti kanors patiem? Pasidalinkit :)

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