Must have social media mock ups for bloggers

Do you have a great content but is still missing something? This is a list of some amazing mock up packs for bloggers. That will make blog and your Pinterest and all social media have amazing graphics! Go get it.

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 InstaLove -Social Media Pack

Fashion Social Media Pack

Gaia Social Media Pack



Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and psoted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

KESS In House (Home decor products)

JUNIQE (Art Shop in Germany)

Wooop Art Shop (Art shop in France)

Awesome mock up tools for designers, bloggers, and artists to showcase their work

Hello everyone! So today I want to share with you with my new obsession. Mock up scene/desktop creation kits that I found on google. With these It has never been easier to create your own desktop environment scene. It just takes seconds!

All you need is to buy one of these amazing mock up tools and Photoshop and you can get started. It reminds me on The Sims game, when I was young I use to build rooms,and create different scenes. And now with these it would be so fun and easy to create a personal workspace/scene to showcase new work, when there is no time to take photographs and you want to present it nicely. So here are my favourite picks. Starting from just $14.

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The Girly-Girl Mock Up Creator $35

This Ultra Feminine Mock Up Creator is perfect for showcasing prints, cards, artwork & more. Whether you want to go vintage, rustic, or totally chic, this is the mock up for your girly needs!

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Fancy Items Scene Generator $38

«Fancy Items Scene Generator» awesome graphic pack. Contains 440+ items inspired by the works of the best industrial designers. All items created in a big resolution and excellent quality, that allows you to create really huge scenes, can be used for Retina big screens and for print projects. Check the resolution of every item on the list of objects before buy.

Use it for Websites, Banners, Hero Images, Header Images, Facebook Covers, Presentations, Apps, Book Covers, Flyers, etc. There is no limitation where and how you can use it.

desktop mock up creator creative market designers tool cool

Desktop Mockup Creator only $14

It has never been easier to create your own desktop environment scene. It just takes seconds!

You could use it for header, presentations, website mockups, gallery presentations and more. The resolution is 6000x3700px so you have a lot of pixels to play with!

lovely valentines scene creator heart blogger design tool

Lovely Items Scene Creator $24

Greatest pack for creating Lovely Scenes. With 160+ items you can create unlimited variations of header/hero images.

Contains different postcards, valentine’s cards, pockets, valentine’s hearts, flowers, 3d typography, keys, candies, candles, plates, matches, bows, ribbons, cookies and many other items.

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Art Equipments Scene Generator  $28

Art Equipments Scene Generator is a wonderful pack full of vibrant images and mock ups, perfect for the busy artist looking to show off their project. Present your work in a professional and visually stunning way with this awesome presentation pack.

Select from any awesome items. Old boxes, brushes, old stuffs, pens, papers, sketch books etc. Paste your designs into them or make old box or old sketch notebook covers with your special signature.

vasare nar mock up scene creator

Here is a quick mock up that I created in minutes just to test it, I showcases my ‘Lazy Today’ print. Possibilities are endless with these Scene generators. Now I’m trying to pick which one I should buy, I can’t decide they all look amazing and very useful.

Which one is your favourite, have you ever used one of these? Maybe you know some better ones? Please share all your thoughts in the comments bellow.

Check out my shop at Creative Market

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Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and posted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

Geometric Aztec Tribal Iphone/ Mac cases + FREE Shipping

Hi guys there is FREE shipping  WORLDWIDE thru sunday on all my iphone / laptop cases and prints you can check my society6 shop here  . Just letting you know about some of my latest products, and there is more to come so please join my Facebook page for more updates. If you have any questions you can just send me an email to Have a great weekend!



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Amaretto coffee /+ mini photo diary

Love the first cup of coffee in the morning, always tastes best.Amaretto flavour.Yes! Helps to kick in all creative ideas and get to work.  So I was going to post some of these shots  a while back, but got busy with few projects  that you can read  in my previous post here . I’m going to leave you with these images for today and once I get back on Sunday there will be more photos, have a great day!

//Ahh kas gali but geriau uz pirma kava ryte, visada pati skaniausia. Amareto skonio, uzskaitau! Kolkas noriu pasidalinti  keleta nuotrauku kurias jau seniau planavau sudeti, o kai grysiu sekmadieni pazadu daug daugiau ! Geros dienos x

photographs : self portrait/ decorative angels/ easter cocktails , see the rest bellow

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Hi,  So this is a quick post its just after 00:00 and it is now  Friday the 13th of 2012.

Did you know that Fear of the number 13 is known as triskaidekaphobia, while fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia? Ha I had to google it when someone mentioned it couldn’t believe it at first! Do you have any stories that happened to you on one of these ‘unlucky’ Fridays? Do you believe in this Myth?

Here is a poster that I created for today, feel free to share it on Facebook , twitter for all those remembering Friday the 13. I don’t quite believe this myth, or superstitious belief. I think most of the time its  just coincidence, but you never know. Have a great Black Friday Everyone!

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Easter / spring inspired shoot ‘A day in the forest’

Hi, hope you had a great Easter! I was going to post these photographs on Sunday , but then got really busy with all that  last minute easter preparations and totally forgot. I took these photographs of my friend Vilija a while ago , thought with that rabbit running around it suits the spirit of spring that I can really feel right now , if you follow my work on facebook you can see this album here .

//Pavasario ikvepta fotosesija miske

love how the weather is getting better everyday and you can feel that its spring! finally. My easter eggs didn’t turn out that great I realised I bought nylon dye for fabric instead of getting proper dye for eggs, so I had to try natural ways of dying eggs such as coffee, tea , red wine and paprika. All I can say i’m definitely going to get some proper dye next time hehe , what about you did you manage to create some lovely patterns this easter?

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New illustration / graphic ‘EYANOSA’

Hi guys I have some new work on my society6 shop , this new artwork is called ‘EYANOSA’ and its now availalbe for sale on my society6 as iphone covers  , tees , hoodies and other products. I’m was really glad when I found out that people started buying iphone cases with this new design over easter, hopefully tees will be next. Right now i’m just working on various personal projects and to get some new commissions and collaborations and hopefully will get to design some tees for a few clothing stores, but more about it later on. Have a great week everyone!

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Its been a while since my last blog post, but here is one of my latest patterns that I designed and its available at my society6 shop . I’m now back to Vilnius for a few weeks so will be updating my blog with loads of photographs from my holiday at home. You can follow me on facebook for more daily updates.

Tomorrow i’m thinking about going to a few vintage shops over here, hopefully will get loads of inspiration from all those  crazy patterns and promise loads of photos soon!

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You can follow me on facebook  , twitter,  cargo  ,  behance  and bloglovin or subscribe in a reader I also created tumblr with all my illustrations and photography

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