Inspiration Editions 205

I came across  this very cool publisher/font bureau  from France, called Éditions 205.The person behind this is called Damien Gautier and possibly a few other writers/designers. The books they create are very inspiring; check their website for  more

Crazy Weird Lunatic Stop motion animation I made UH OH! (I’m not on drugs)

Lol Hello, one day I was in uni with my friend Gareth and we were making animations for one of the projects, it was then when I decided to walk away and started recording this crazy stop motion animation…Now I look back at it and it makes me laugh of what was going on in my head then. As my mate said it looks like i’m tripping in the library on some kind of drugs or whatever haha but yeah there you go hope you enjoy it cause I sure did! lol

XV Vasare