looking at camera bags

I am looking to buy a camera bag for my  SLR and I came across this brand Kello Moore that sells lovely camera bags that look like an actual hand bag rather than the bulky black one  you can get, I love this promotional video for their bags as well so thought I will post it on my blog incase you haven’t heard about this brand before,

Mėginu išsirinkti savo naujai kamerai taše, ahh diek daug skirtingu varijantu, labai ptiko šis video, ikvepe ir mane sukurti koki klipa vienam iš savo universiteto projektu, na bet pirma reikia išmokti kaip dirbti su video koregavimo programom :))) Tikiuosi visiem sekasi puikiai


I also really like these two canvas bags that look like a normal shoulder bag and probably it would make me feel save to carry it around rather than a bag that says ‘Canon’ or something and thief’s might be more tempted to steal it rather than a simple looking canvas bag

If you know any other  camera bags feel free to share :) xx