12 Cool Mother’s Day card Ideas.

Happy Mothers Day to All Moms!

But we shouldn’t forget and make Everyday special for them.

And why not make it funny too? Check out this list of

12 Mother’s Day Cards for cool mum’s 


Design by vasare nar


Left design (Etsy) Right Design Emily McDowell 

Which one is your favourite one?:)

See the full list of funny cards here 

Typographic card game

Recently I found out about this Brazilian design studio ps.2 who created this wonderful self-promotion typographic  card game. The set consists of 20 pairs of cards, each card represents a different type family, and typographical glossary. What’s good about this game is that each card contains a text about the evolution of type design, which is good way to learn about history of each typeface. Set in Univers Condensed and printed on Condat Silk + Matte paper.

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