Happy Holidays

Hope you had wonderful Christmas this year, and now lets Welcome The New Year 2014, only few days left! I’m excited,  Where are you going to celebrate?:) I have no pans yet, so will see what happens last minute!

Su Sventem visus, ir Linkiu smagiai atsvesti Naujus (2014) Metus. Beje Kur juos sutiksite?



Fathers day, things to do with your DAD

I created a Little mood board, of things you could do with your dad, today is A Fathers day so hope this will help you to get some ideas, because my father lives in a different country I posted him a parcel with loads of little presents and a card that I made for him, hope I was with him today so we could have a BBQ and I could give him a big hug :))

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