Christmas Home-decor and DIY inspirations

 28 Days until Christmas and I already started looking for some inspiring DIY/ Decor ideas on Pinterest . Here is some lovely pictures that caught my eyes. Have you started decorating you home yet? Check out these  awesome X-mas Pinterest boards that I found  for more ideas one // two // three

christmas-decoration-inspiration-diy-xmas-gift-ideas-shopping-cool-presents-tree-winter-holiday-season-inspiration-pinterest.jpg kaledos papuosimai idejos lightschristmas-decoration-inspiration-diy-xmas-gift-ideas-shopping-cool-presents-tree-winter-holiday-season-inspiration-pinterest.jpg kaledos papuosimai idejos                                                                images  can be found on my pinterest check it out here 

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The Magic Wishing Window

Just got back from town where I took some photographs of the Magic Wishing Window. Such a great idea and beautiful wishes for Christmas!  do you have something like that in your town? A while ago I saw some photographs of Magic Wishing Wall that was just as magic! Love little details like that :)

Katik gryžau is miesto, buvau pasižiūreti i Stebuklinga Palinkejimu Langa, nuostabi ideja su daug ivairiu palinkejimu Šv. Kaledų proga, dar labiau jaučiasi Kaledų nuotaika, tikrai tokios detalės kaip si priduoda daug smagios nuotaikos!

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