A Designer’s Summer in Pantone Colours By Designer Wesley Bird

I recently stumbled on this awesome post by talented Designer/Illustrator Wesley Bird 

Very clever Idea the way she compares Pantone colours with different things that associate with summer trends such as

Yellow- UV Rays, Peach – Sunsets, Black- Raybans.

I can’t decide which colour I like the most.

I’m in LOVE with these colours and this print. You can buy it here 

designers summer pantone colours inspiration wesley bird bright neon cool colour pallete designer illustrator freelancer

She says:

“Fun little vector piece I worked on. My future life will consist of me living in Palm Springs constantly immersed in this color palette. ” 

Truly inspired check out her portfolio here 

Trend / colour inspirational moodboard Spring-Summer

Trend and colour inspiration moodboard for all of you who loves some visual inspiration and just like me… collecting everything on  Pinterest.

Do you think These colours /prints will be next summers hit? I have a feeling, very likely!


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Psychedelic Daze ▲ Abstract illustration

I want to show you my new abstract  hand drawn illustration ‘Psychedelic Daze‘. Now its available in my print shop. I love experimenting with abstract shapes and lines, and usually bright vivid colours is at the heart of my work like in this one. Hope you like it, have a great week!


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WIP Colour Testing. Markers and Pens

Colour testing. 

Testing colours to pick  the ones I will need for new designs  is a fun part of creative process!

I love Sharpie markers because of their Bold Colours , Stabilo for small details and Pro markers for their quality + massive colour selection . Whats your choice when picking markers and pens for a new project ?



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Thursday- Colour inspiration (Blue)

Just some colour images I’m liking right now. Todays colour blue

©Vasarenar 2013

©Vasarenar 2013

via pinterest

via pinterest

created this mood-board via pinterest images

©vasarenar Mood-board (images via pinterest)

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Colour – Inspiration

Thursday evening colour love, few inspiring ideas/ images for tonight. I Will be doing more post based on colour  , but there is more on my pinterest that you can explore now if you wish:) What’s you favourite /least favourite colour at the moment?

// Spalvu idejos ir inspiracijos , labai patinka ruzavos detales  interjere kaip pirmoje foto.Kokios jusu megstamos/ nemegstamos  spalvos?

home interior pink detail wall house blog pantone inspiration white space домашний декор Wohnkultur namų dekoro decoración del hogarCOLOUR цвет spalva color inspiration вдохновение pastel home paint wall decor pinterest moodboard

colour inspiration fashion holographic pastel photo collage inspiration pinterest moodboard holographique голографический

* all  Images from my pinterest mood boards , source unknown

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WordPress just introduced a new layout for new blog posts, and its well confusing…will take some time till I get used to. This is a random quick post cause I had to try how it works.

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Monday inspiration: Geometric Art

I’m  obsessed with  geometric art , these are some inspirational images that I would like to share (I tried to link most of these, but couldn’t find the source for some)  Enjoy and feel free to share any interesting geometric art you make so I can add it to my next post. You can also check my  pinterest  for more.

couldn’t find the source for these collages, but love them!

All these are really inspiring, colours shapes, triangles, lines, symmetry.

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