Parcels arrived

As I mentioned on my Twitter earlier today, I’ve ordered some paper and other materials for one of my projects, but then I changed my idea and now I’ve paper overstock, this is not everything as I’m getting more tomorrow uh oh, I really love getting post though so I will find a way to use it :)

Šendiena jau minėjau Twitteri, kad užsisakiau visokiu reikmenų vienam projektui, bet poto pakeičiau idėja ir kolkas ne visko man prireiks, ir tai dar ne viskas nes likusi reikmenys atkeliaus rytoi ajajaj reikės surasti kaip juos sunaudoti :))


Just doing some illustrations for one of my university briefs, was experimenting with cut outs from magazines when I randomly placed this cut out photograph of Lion on one of my illustration [image 1] thought it looks pretty cool two totally different style images joined together by accdent  that kind of makes a weird artwork ? or is it just me :))

[image 2] same lion – different image underneath, this one  – unfortunately not my illustration it’s actually the other side of the magazine , sometimes things happen when you least expect them… Ok I’m away to do more illustrations/ collages/ cut-outs etc time to get m crayons out lol

RAWR  lol  :))

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some pastel ribbons from a craft shop…

Hello all x

I Bought some lovely ribbons in a craft shop a while ago, and a little vintage hair clip in this cute vintage boutique. Love buying different coloured ribbons, but then I don’t really know what to do with them, well these ones will be used to stitch a book that I’m making for one of my projects, hopefully it will work, but I need to get some ‘eyelets’ first and experiment ….

This is what I’m talking about I need some of these, maybe some pastel ones to go with the ribbon though :) flagship site out of milk and card!

I found this great concept by Nick Wavish is the lactose loaded flagship site for the California Milk Processing Board’s GotMilk? campaign. Apparently they have crafted the whole thing out of milk and card and goodness. “Play the games and learn how milk is the healthy super drink.”


“The concept was forged by the clever hive at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and with stellar Interactive Direction and characters from Alex Jenkins and wonderous sculpting from JS3D. Design by these fair hands just in case you were wondering…”