Stare into the sun

Believe me you want to see this video Stare Into The Sun by Ian Stevenson. The video is  about  a guy on a unicorn about to jump on a weird old man chasing a big yellow monkey. Weird weird weird! In a good way and it made me smile lol nice song too!

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Written & Directed by Ian Stevenson & Luke Seomore.
Music by Graffiti 6.
Illustrated by Ian Stevenson, Animated by Alex Dobbin.

Crazy Weird Lunatic Stop motion animation I made UH OH! (I’m not on drugs)

Lol Hello, one day I was in uni with my friend Gareth and we were making animations for one of the projects, it was then when I decided to walk away and started recording this crazy stop motion animation…Now I look back at it and it makes me laugh of what was going on in my head then. As my mate said it looks like i’m tripping in the library on some kind of drugs or whatever haha but yeah there you go hope you enjoy it cause I sure did! lol

XV Vasare

Illustration a day, Everyday 6

Todays Illustration is called ‘Energisers’ , what’s happening? These little creatures are trying to get the car working by using the energy of each others hands, they are so concentrated that even their lips are all twisted, and eyes popping  from the amount of pressure they feel. Very random, and no I am not going mad or nothing  lol, must be all the energy I feel after the gym today, hope you all had a great day:)