Kess InHouse Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

Hi everyone check out a selection of Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mats I have available at my KESS InHouse Store, they are also available on Amazon. More new designs coming soon!


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New home decor products at KESS IN House

Such a beautiful weather outside, the sun is shining, finally spring is here, which means more coffee outside in the sun, more walks in the forest, easier to wake up when the sun is shining through the window, and a better mood over all! oh yes! And today I just noticed  that my blog reached over 1 million views. Awesome! and Thank you!

THIS WORLd is mad alice in wonderland cup cool society6 vasare nar copyAlce in Wonderland cup available here

I haven’t  shared any updates on my new designs lately cause I was so busy, but now I would like to share a few new art works that I have available at KESS in House, home decor products, check it out here and have a lovely day!

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WORKSPACE (inspiring Interior ideas)

Today I was browsing Pinterest  and  came across some inspiring Workspace interior ideas that I would like to share. Best selection  I found here , here and here check out these boards if you are looking for some creative DIY/decor ideas for your studio. And hope you had a lovely weekend!

home-decor-interior-workspace-studio-inspiration-black-white-lifestyle-details-living-dorm inspiring ideas tumlbr pinteresthome-decor-interior-workspace-studio-inspiration-black-white-lifestyle-details-living-dorm

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Vasare Nar x Kess In House (Home decor products)

 Now  I have a selection of my designs  on home decor products ( blankets, duvet covers, wall panels, pillows, shower curtains, placemats, and cutting boards available at  KESS in house design a  newly launched  and awesome  site  If you want to decorate your come with some cool new pieces.

You can check out my collection here 


Pillows from Left:  Deco Hippie | Tessellation | Comheartment | Unicorn | Native Tessellation 


+ few inspiring home decor ideas

“home is where the heart is “

Kess-in-house-home-decor-products-interior-style-bedroom-livingroom-pillow-duvetcovers-deny-designs-throw-style-magazine-shower-curtain-bathroom-blanket-aztec-tribal-native-navajo-unique-trendy-featured-products- dorm

Products from top left: Decco Hippie pillow | Native Tessellation Fleece Blanket |

duvet covers- Unicorn |  Native Tessellation  | Tessellation

Tessellation shower curtain | Comheartment duvet cover | Unicorn Shower curtain

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Home decor Pillows + Free Worldwide shipping

 Just want to let you know that there is FREE Worldwide shipping in my society6 shop ,  enter  through this link to get free Worldwide shipping

I will be adding more new designs in the next few days so stay tuned, and have a great week! I’m flying to London tomorrow for a meeting, super excited about new opportunities that are coming along, follow me on twitter for more updates.


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playful pillows + free shipping Promo

Hi , just letting you know there is FREE Shipping promo this week if you use this link

Take a look at my shop to see  more products

pillow- typography nike just do it skull diamond art-design-psychedelic-collage-home-decor-interior-society6-hipster-creative-pattern-urban-outfitters-deny-designs-inspired-artistic

I really love white living room/ dorm interior . I Can imagine it would look even better with a few decorative pillows, to add some colour.


Room image found on Pinterest

Promotion expires March 17, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time. 

*Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

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Work space / room decor. New Wall art

Every once in a while I feel like its great to mix things up a bit and re-arrange my wall-art, as this diversity of new visuals can be a great daily inspiration as well as motivation to create more. Here is some new/+ old graphic art prints  that I used to decorate my work space . Some of them available in my art shop

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twinshadow vasarenar Kris tate art design collaboration aztec tribal background kitch tumblr facebook society6collage artistic mixed media graphic hipster contemporary unicorn prin home decor

Graphic Collage with  the  Unicorn is a Collaboration between me and Kris Tate, its available to purchase here

vasare nar artists freelance illustrator textile design

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