Saturday: Just Chilling

Looks like  ‘the End of the world ‘ didn’t happen then? Good!

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Relaxing saturday , just  reading some fashion /art/ design- related  magazines,  having some coffee /+ wine …

//Ramus sestadienis namie su kava,  zurnalais ir vyneliu

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Tulip print scarf, self portrait / illustrations

I found few vintage scarfs in my room, and decided to take some self portraits with my camera , and when then thought I will draw some quick floral illustrations,inspiration can come from most random things I guess! I just finished scanning all the work I’ve been drawing lately so I will upload  it on my next  blog post. Think I might have an addiction of beautiful vintage scarfs, If i’m at the car boot sale or one of those places I always grab few new ones for my collection. I guess sometimes it’s fun to do all these silly things…I’m away to get a coffee and finish  my new watercolour ink that I really like x V

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let’s make it fluoro!

I bought some fluoro paint  and ink today, I’ve been drawing quite a lot lately as-well as taking photographs non stop so there will be loads of new post with illustrations that I’ve done in the past few days. Have been quite obsessed with water colour and black ink since I lost my bamboo tablet again, and it’s so expensive to replace! If anyone has a spare one let me know :)) So here is my paint that I bought and some of the illustrations i’m working at the moment. Hope everyone is having a great day it’s my birthday on thursday and I’m hoping it won’t rain as I just bought these pink hot pants and they just won’t work in rain I think haha. Best Vasare!

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Anything goes when you’re wild and free

On Friday I had a lovely evening with my friend we were suppose to take some photographs outside, but the weather  turned out to be a disaster so we decided to do some test shots inside, hopefully next time the sun will be out, it if wasn’t for the pink rain jacket that saved my friend from getting wet ha! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!Vasare

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