Those warm autumn evenings

Some photographs from todays mini shoot with my friend, she came round and we decided its time for me to take some new photographs of her, though it was pretty dark so I thought it would be great fun play with my camera flash I got a while ago  that I never used much before. I bough loads of clothes in a vintage store few days ago so will be doing loads of shoots in the next few weeks. Looking forward to one on thursday in my grandads studio its really dusty and old looks perfect for a shoot I have in mind . Will keep you updated here and on my fb page

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peach jumper vintage, black vest diesel, white & blue jumper new look

Diesel Development

Some of illustrations and development work for competition brief for D&AD Diesel, we had to choose a band and illustrate two of their songs and express it in unconventional way. These are just some of the illustrations that I’been working on and my final outcome will be in the next few posts

Working on it

This is something i’m working on at the moment  in one of my previous briefs I mentioned about Student awards brief we had to pick in university and this is something i’m working on at the moment. Still more than 2 weeks till the final deadline, and i’m really excited to see what the final outcomes will look like, even though there is still A LOT to do, a lot of research to be done, but its all good and I really enjoy this project.

[translation] Mažas preview ką aš šiuo metu darau vienam universiteto projektui, jų yra ne vienas, bet kolkas dirbu ant illiustracijos projekto, kitas projektas bus apie madų fotografija ir panašiai, spauda ir grafikos dizaina, jau turiu nemažai idėjų dėl apšvietimo, kompozicijos ir aprangos, tik reikia sulaukti tinkamo laikotarpio.