Instant Download Hand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes

I have a new product at my creative market shop. A set of hand drawn shapes that you can use to decorate your work, blog or anything and make it more creative.

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Mix elements together and have a unique unexpected effects!

hand drawn cut out shapes creative market previewCOVER cut out graphic marker doodle shapes creative market adobe photoshop png 90s 80s colourful collage apparel collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes Preview collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes preview cover


You can use these graphics with Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Indesign (or any design programme you use!) to create awesome collages and overlay the shapes to add a playful hand drawn feel.

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few recent illustrations

A few illustrations i’m working on at the moment it’s based on a few songs that will be revealed soon:)

Keleta naujų iliustraciju kurias padariau vienam universiteto projektui apie dvi dainas, apie kurias veliau:)


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My happy ending key story (illustrations)

So basically I haven’t been very lucky with my keys before. I had a problem. Well if you can call it a problem…ha! Everything began in 2009 September.I started 2nd year of Uni and moved in with a few people . I was happy to live away from home, until about a few weeks after when I realised that I can’t hold on to my keys properly. Oh how many times I have left my keys. I remember I used to take everything, my Ipod, my money, my phone, even my lighter….but not keys (of course I had lucky days too lol).

Perhaps now you are thinking, so whats the problem, why your housemates wouldn’t let you in? I Have no idea how come, but every time I used to leave my key, my housemates (yes all 3 of them) were either away on holiday, or working in a different town , or visiting family in a different city etc. One day was especially bad, I ran to the shop to buy some gas, and just 2 sec after I closed the door i realised I left my keys ,TV,laptop and the candle in the house. That night I had to stay at my friends house , the next morning I had to walk in the rain for  40 min, to get the spare key from the agency. It was the last time I EVER Left my keys. I thought I need to put a stop on this bad habit.

So what happened basically I decided to draw a series of keys, illustrate them and that way I Will never ever forget my keys, and it actually worked! From now on my drawings of keys are on the walls …everywhere, so every time I leave the house I see these illustrations and I remember my keys all the time.

So this is my Happy ever after…

(Feel free to share your key stories lol)