Evanescent Storm

I took these photographs few weeks ago and only got the chance to post them today .

Model Dominyka Kvarciejute

Photography and PP By Me (Vasare Nar)

“Evanescent Storm”

Rainy Mornings of July …

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Velvet Touch

Here is Some photographs that I took last week, there is another few parts of this shoot that I will show you in my next blog post

Model Giedre Balsyte

Photography   Vasare Nar

and few more photos, velvet touch, woodnotes in the background. All that she wants.

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My new Photography portfolio

Hi everyone!  I just created a new site for my Photography Portfolio that you can see here  so now all my photographs will be separated from my other work (illustrations and art) cause I thought its better to separate it rather than have it all mixed :)  feedback really welcome , now i’m creating portfolio for my art so hopefully I will have it all done by the end of the week with loads of new work, have a great day! x

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Fashion/Beauty Photography inspirations

Just want to share some inspirational photographs I found on internet and magazines . I had them on my computer for ages so I’m not sure if these are from tumblr or pinterest but I love them , whats your favourite?:) Do you like to save inspirational images ? If you have a pinterest or something share a link in the comments and I will check it out :)

and some more

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I bring you Fire

Hi! hope everyone is well and not too cold! , here is  some photographs that I took couple of months ago, autumn inspired!

Model Agne Lazaraite

Hair by Agne Lazaraite

Pohotography Vasare Nar

So these some of the photographs that I took a while a go click here to se the rest

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electric madness

Few photographs I never got a chance to share with you, so behind with all my  blog posts, but hopefully will catch up soon! Thanks for your lovely comments about my last projects, working on loads of little things at the moment, and have a weekend full of interesting events to look forward and promise you a blog post full of loads of  photographs  that I will be taking this weekend for now you can join my on facebook or twitter for daily updates

Photography Vasare Nar

Models Daniele & Giedre

shoot with Ieva – Haze

Some Photographs from the shoot ‘Haze’ I took a while ago, model  Ieva Vaitkunaite

just organising all my work today and hopefully will be doing another blog post with another project I did few months ago.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween by the way!

© Vasare Nar 2011

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Behind the scene shots ‘haze’

Last week I was taking photographs of this girl Ieva, and these are some snaps from behind the lens, most of these shots were taken in the old part of Vilnius, I will upload finished photographs in a few days otherwise you can check them on my facebook page.

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