Photo shoot (2) for Free People fashion look-book

So As part of my final major project I’ve decided to create two promotional booklets for free people fashion brand from Philadelphia. I looked at their previous lookbooks for inspiration to get the feel of their brand. After watching the behind the scenes of their photoshoot as just fell in love with their brand even more and there was no doubt I made the right choice.

These are some of the shots that I took for second lookbook, and you can see photographs from the first photoshoot  here I decided to go for two different moods one a bit more romantic, where the first photo-shoot took place in a castle  see here  and this one was a bit more playful and sexy.

Final outcomes from both photoshoots were two look books, as well as instore bags that would be given out together with catalogs

These are few of the pages from inside the look-book, more images coming soon in the new post that I’m preparing right now

Experimenting with folding

This is what I’ve been up to this morning, just making different fold prototypes, I’m planning to make at least another 10-20 today which may lead to the final shape that I will be happy with, these are just experimental ones, but I quite like how they are turning out so far ,as I’m not using any internet templates and create them all as I go, might need to look for more complicated ones with instructions though link me if you know any good sites …:)

Šendiena mėginu visokius lankstinius, planuoju padaryti dar 10-20 gal pavyks surasti tą vienintele forma kurios man reikia:)

Working on it

This is something i’m working on at the moment  in one of my previous briefs I mentioned about Student awards brief we had to pick in university and this is something i’m working on at the moment. Still more than 2 weeks till the final deadline, and i’m really excited to see what the final outcomes will look like, even though there is still A LOT to do, a lot of research to be done, but its all good and I really enjoy this project.

[translation] Mažas preview ką aš šiuo metu darau vienam universiteto projektui, jų yra ne vienas, bet kolkas dirbu ant illiustracijos projekto, kitas projektas bus apie madų fotografija ir panašiai, spauda ir grafikos dizaina, jau turiu nemažai idėjų dėl apšvietimo, kompozicijos ir aprangos, tik reikia sulaukti tinkamo laikotarpio.

Experimental Typography – Garamond Powerline

Soo hello everyone, just want to share with this really cool experimental typography that i found today. i think it looks really cool, so have a look you might like it too!

Oh and last night i had to stay in university  really late, and i found out about this great online radio , you type an artist you like (that would be The Libertines for me!!! ) and it plays all the similar type of music. So thats how I found a few other bands like “Metros – talk abou it “, “Mumm-Ra-” and etc. (Music always inspires me the most. its just amazing what music can do!!! )