Must have social media mock ups for bloggers

Do you have a great content but is still missing something? This is a list of some amazing mock up packs for bloggers. That will make blog and your Pinterest and all social media have amazing graphics! Go get it.

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 InstaLove -Social Media Pack

Fashion Social Media Pack

Gaia Social Media Pack



Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and psoted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

KESS In House (Home decor products)

JUNIQE (Art Shop in Germany)

Wooop Art Shop (Art shop in France)



Hi everyone! just a quick post to let you know I have some updates on Facebook and would be  glad if you could join my page , you can let me know in the comments  if you also have a FB page for your blog/site etc, would be interesting to see what are you are all up to.



Thanks for checking my blog!

You can follow me on facebook  , twitter,  cargo  ,  behance  and bloglovin or subscribe in a reader I also created tumblr with all my illustrations and photography

Have a great day!

Fb Page

Please join my blog’s  Facebook page to keep updated with all new posts coming up  very soon. I was really busy with my uni work and didn’t have time to create new posts with my work so now I will be doing a lot of updates over the next few days with all my work etc and photographs from a photo shoot :)

vasare xxx


dissertation :(

Hey everyone , So basically at the moment I’m really stuck with my dissertation and I won’t be updating my blog until I get somewhere, I was even considering to delete my Facebook for 2 weeks… I need 5000 words by next week and at the moment I have a lot or reading to do it’s interesting i’m not going to lie, but it’s not easy at all (see my face lol)…. So don’t be scared I will be back :) xxx

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Social networking watch

Are you ,like me feel rather more than enough  addicted to Facebook, Youtube, and  Twitter  mine is (@vasare) by the way :D that you can’t even have

an hour or two without checking it on your iphone or any other Technology device ?

Well this new Tecvhnology watch by will make sure you do it on time.


Check email. Watch some YouTube. Update Twitter status. Make some Facebook friends. AIM your crush.

This watch is for those who are highly networked and proud of it.

Normal Watches ::: Trailblazing Sub Couture

Feisbuk book for Facebook lovers

A girl named Laura Balboa has created a one-off design called  Feisbuk. It’s a hardcover notebook with paper pages that looks like the Facebook wall. You write your name and a description in a pair of boxes , then you scrawl whatever you want in the box on the right – which looks like the textbox you get when you want to post something on someone’s wall.Then you can just pass the Feisbuk around and get people to write in it – a wall-to-wall session with two or more people, in real life.
It’s a really lovely design. You can “bookmark” your favorite pages with the fabric bookmark attached to the spine of the notebook. . Network with friends in places without internet connections. Bad news is that Balboa isn’t selling these books yet – it’s just a design study after all, plus it’s in Spanish. I think she could probably make quite a bit of money selling these if you take in mind how many people are addicted to Facebook nowadays.