Other animation attempts Skittles candies! sweet!

These are screen shots of my other animations + a video of one of them. They didn’t really work as I expected but sure why not share this with you so you will learn that its important to plan things before you do them. For the first animation I used loads of cut out circles from different magazines and colourful paper, and for the other animation I’ve used skittles sweets. It was really nice to eat them all after! lol yuummy

Stills of the animation + the process

Now these ones are stills of my skittles animation, probably the sweetest project I ever had to do lol

My animation for the eye clinic +

Hey everyone, so like I  promised last week, there are some  posts about my animation class. Part of the animation class was to create an animation for the Eye clinic. I Should be honest, I am not a big animator so to finaly get it right, took me a while, first attempts were by using Adobe Flash when I finally learned how to use it, well kind of, I decided that I would like to try a stop motion.

So there it is the final animation, which is let’s say Not Amazing, for for the first time lets say its ok :D hopefully I will imporve my animation skills this summer and be very proud to show you my new amazing skills lol

There are some screen shots of the animation

I will post my other ‘fail’ attempts quite soon so keep checking. +By the way i finally got my T shirt design printed so look forward to that aswell ;)