Home + Interior inspiring ideas

Part two  of my previous post on Home-studio-workspace  decor ideas , though I will share some new inspirations I collected on my pinterest in the last few months. Hope you will find something inspiring!



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love white space and floral decorations

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Gift idea found on fled flare (flower in a can)

“The flowers take the tears of weeping night, and give them to the sun for the day’s delight”

Photogrpah taken a week ago, used 50mm lens and canon dslr

//foto daryta prieš savaite, canon camera ir 50mm objektyvas

© Vasare Nar 2011

Thought I will do this post after I saw these  flowers in a can  on this great website full of gift ideas called fled flare suggest to check it out, I found loads of great stuff on that site, you might find something as well.

//Nesenai atradau tokia internetine parduotuve kuri vadinasi fled flare , eikit pažiuret gal rasite ka idomaus, man labai patiko geles augancios is skardines.

Pop the top, add a bit of sunshine and 
some water and in a short while you’ll 
have grown yourself a pretty bouquet 
of flowers in a can!”

Pretty sweet, would make a nice little gift!

Tulip print scarf, self portrait / illustrations

I found few vintage scarfs in my room, and decided to take some self portraits with my camera , and when then thought I will draw some quick floral illustrations,inspiration can come from most random things I guess! I just finished scanning all the work I’ve been drawing lately so I will upload  it on my next  blog post. Think I might have an addiction of beautiful vintage scarfs, If i’m at the car boot sale or one of those places I always grab few new ones for my collection. I guess sometimes it’s fun to do all these silly things…I’m away to get a coffee and finish  my new watercolour ink that I really like x V

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© Vasare Nar 2011

nature photography summer 2011

I was away to an island somewhere far away in ireland this weekend, and I brought my camera with me to take some shots, it was extremely sunny and we couldn’t ask for a better weather. Hope the next camping trip will be soon! There will be more photos from the trip on my next blog post, and Illustrations I’ve been drawing in the past few days will be up soon as well, finally had the time to scan it! yeess

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© Vasare Nar  2011