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Very interesting Birthday party invitation by Lundgren&Lindqvist’s

“Poster for Jonas’ (member of the Rough Lynx Soundsystem) birthday bash. To celebrate his 24th birthday he invited a few of the artists and DJs that Rough Lynx have collaborated with over the last years for an all nighter at popular Gothenburg hang-out Kontiki.Since Jonas’ nickname is Stare (Swedish for starling) we felt it natural to make an illustration of starlings for the poster. The layout is based on a grid consisting of 4 columns and 20 rows (4+20=24). Printed offset 52×72cm.”

Check this class laser-cut, pop-up card

Check this really cool laser cut card  by The card is printed on heavy white stock in two pantone colours and the pop-up letters plus fold lines were die-cut by a special laser using tiny perforation dots and then hand folded. I think its absolutely beautiful! :)

Colourful Paper city by Lauren Pritchard

So another day, another cup of tea and a bit of blogging. At the momment I am trying to get used to this routine and  post something daily, the number of hits on my blog is growing everyday, but I need to make sure content is growing too, and so today I have something really cute, sometime its so nice to go back to your childhood, even for a bit:)

This afternoon I was looking on internet for some great inspirations and found this absolutely beautiful ‘Paper city’, I Thought you should definitely have a look as its really cute, the colours and little houses OH I think am in love! This is a city constructed out of paper  by Lauren Pritchard. She went with a garden / greenhouse theme. Along with the city she designed a booklet that consists all the diagrams so other people can assemble it as well.

More examples of her work

Origami design typography posters

Hey people ;)  all uni work is handed in so finally I have some time to share my latest inspirations with you all, and these are absolutely beautiful origami, typography based graphic design posters by, I would definitely love to have one of these on my wall, nice use of texture together with bright colours and the origami fold in the middle creates a really strong contrast and depth. All of them different In colours and textures therefore I believe everyone could pick their favourite one,mine would be the fist one (blue one) and the white 1, which one is your favourite common don’t hesitate and tell me now ?:)  and keep checking there is gonna be a few more blog posts today as I am really enjoying my lazy  day off at home


” This is a  self promotional  project. We really like the crafting feeling, the paper surfaces
and the mix of the process ink. We love the culture of origami and with this project
we personally tried to reinterpret the forms that arise from the paper.

These are abstract forms and in the background you can see their structure.
The light coming through the window and so it is a natural light, a daylight.”