2 weeks in Bangkok Travelling (mini) Photo Diary

Hey everybody!! Hope you are enjoying Spring time and it’s getting warmer wherever you are,

These past two weeks I was in Bangkok, (and before in Cambodia)

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know :)

In a few days I will be going to see some Thailand  Islands but since most places have Wi-FI its not a problem AND i will be able to keep working on new projects while enjoying the sun. I really enjoyed spending time in this huge city Bangkok . Great experience. But will be back to Bangkok in a few weeks.

Do you have any tips on nice Thailand island, or any other good destinations, would love to hear your experiences?


bangkok life lately working freelance travelling pool palms

Few photos of the hotel where I was doing some work and blogging while not out in the city.

we-travel-we-wander-drawing-art-illustration-typograhyp-thailand-asia-banana10997010_10206033814312437_5737876786314627580_nfashion lifestyle photography food bangkok thailand templesHere is only a few photos because majority of them are still on my camera, so I will do a big post later, but for now follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

Best wishes! Have a great week!


Tropical design in Mary Claire magazine

Hello hope you are doing well, I forgot to share that my My Aiwaiwa Tropical design was published  in Mary Claire magazine a few months ago. They used it for a Fashion/Sport layout. I’m in Asia right now so I will be sharing loads of new post from my trip. Enjoy your day!




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October deadlines

The less sleep you get the more you get done,  and realise that sometimes 4hours is definitely all you need …:)

Just finishing off some patterns , making collages and graphics for a few different  projects/deadlines ,  trying to catch up with all emails, and really  loving it. It feels great when you can listen to your favourite songs  and do what you enjoy the most…draw, brainstorm, look for new ideas and projects everything just seems so positive when you feel inspired, so I guess its better to try and make the most of these days, plenty of coffee is a must  ‘Do what you love, love what you do’ as they say. Check my pinterest to see my inspirations and other cool boards!

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