Friday inspirations, geometric and gradient colours

Morning! got up reaallyy pretty early today so decided to create a few mood -boards for Friday Inspiration. I think i’m getting the flu so wont be going out or nothing this weekend, but will be finishing off all my projects and illustrations, so hopefully will get loads and loads done, please take a look at these  tumblr sites for more design /art/ fashion/ colour inspiration I think they are GREAT!

domestabian  (gradients/pastels/pretty images) geometrydaily (for geometric stuff)  w-av-v–v-es  (interesting mix of everything) fuckyeahspychedelics (for a mix of  psy art ) diary-of-design (all about design) and also  arrowwws  (so full of visual inspiration, and modern design)

Let me know your favourites, and let me know about  the ones I should follow, keep inspiring!

Have a great creative day!

Thanks for checking my blog!