Design agency Pixelgarten

Selected work by Pixelgarten Germany based design company that has loads of very unique projects too look at and they are so different that it’s better to go to their websiten and check it out! Great stuff! You welcome! : )


My Essay Dissertation layout (Blogging)

This is my  32 page  dissertation layout, the topic I chose was ‘What impact do design blogs have on graphic culture” to see the rest click here, I really enjoyed looking at the negative and positive sides  of Blogging and It was interesting to find out what Impact it has on Designers. I interviewed Dave Smith that used to run GrafikCache design blog, and is currently contributing with Grafik magazine blog every Friday, which Is great. Overall  this essay really helped me to find out a bunch of absolutely great new blogs, and the variety of them is unbelievable,What’s your favourite blog/s? Would be good if you shared them here with everyone :)


Individualism book by Ramon Lenherr

I was having a break and started looking through this artists portfolio on Behance, and found this really Interesting Individualism/documentation book project by Ramon Lenherr You should check his site to see more of his work which is quite impressive.

OFFSET After-party in Dublin

Recently (on the 7th of november)  me and my uni mates attended OFFSET graphic design after party in association with GRAFIK magazine which took place in Dublin ‘Twisted Pepper’ night club, the whole event was really cool and  I was really impressed, there were 4 rooms of audiovisual treats, Donal Dineen in the stage room, Synth Eastwood, Dublin Streets, and The Small Print in the café, Bodytonic in the basement and more fun in the Mezzanine. There was drawing on the walls, and on the glass with these special markers, loads of great graphic designers and illustrators to share your interests and great music for a wee dance in between! We had a really great time so have a look at the photos and tell me what you think!