Instant Download Hand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes

I have a new product at my creative market shop. A set of hand drawn shapes that you can use to decorate your work, blog or anything and make it more creative.

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Mix elements together and have a unique unexpected effects!

hand drawn cut out shapes creative market previewCOVER cut out graphic marker doodle shapes creative market adobe photoshop png 90s 80s colourful collage apparel collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes Preview collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes preview cover


You can use these graphics with Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Indesign (or any design programme you use!) to create awesome collages and overlay the shapes to add a playful hand drawn feel.

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Inspiring design book, textures and patterns.

A while ago I was looking through this book that was pretty inspiring and showed how to create nice patterns and textures by using simple shapes and lines though I only managed to take take photographs of inside pages without taking the name of the book doh.If anyone could tell me how its called would be great, would really like to buy it. Attaching few images here.

added on 16:00 FOUND IT! via help and power of twitter bagofbees tweeted me that the title of this book is called Neubau Modul and you can buy it on Amazon here though its pretty expensive going for £150 new, more pages of this book can be found here gutted about the price though. I need it! :(

//Nesenai teko pavartyti tokia idomia dizaino knyga, deje sugebejau nufotografuoti tik vidinius puslapius ir neuzsirasiau pavadinimo, butu idomu suzinoti kas cia per knyga, seip idomi pavartinui daug kvepimui ideju,kam patinka tokio stilio grafikos darbai. Radau! su twitterio pagalba , knyga galima isigyti cia deje ji labai brangi. Daugiau knygos puslapiu cia.

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