also…some work

This is what I’m working on atonight, just experimenting with loads of illustrations, there is loads more after this photo was taken, every illustration will be developed into a character hopefully that will help me to build a very detailed city of the future…will see what happens. Drawing is fun really, it’s friday and I’m not sad to sit in at all. If I had to write an essay right now it would be a totally different story :) back to drawing/now moving to illustrator.

+++ I’m having a glass of wine tonight… :) Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and I’m seriously going back to drawing NOW!

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Latest booklets (part of uni project)

This is a photo of my latest few booklets that I’ve created for university assignments. Nicholson & Bass a print company that we had to rebrand, the grey booklet is my essay/dissertation about the Impact of design blogs on graphic design culture, and the last one is a notebook called 7 hours, the whole thing was finished in 7hours and contains different image-collages + quotes of different songs, part of the advertising project you can do loads with your day if you want to. Go and do it now! I will be posting photos of each booklet shortly so please keep checking.

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my cup of tee. T shirt Designs

So we got a new project to design T-shirts, we have to create a brand for our tees, packaging, and T shirt designs, only got the project recently so haven’t done that much yet, have a few ideas for the brand name, going to look a bit for logo inspirations, of course will be posting anything nice I find, up here, so keep checking!

Have been playing with illustrator a bit and there is one of the quick designs I’ve created, deadline 23rd of February so anytime after that will be a big blog post with finished work;)

Have to go now and try to get a ticket for a Jamie-T gig tonight, I am soo desperate and seems like no one knows anyone that would have a spare ticket, ohh those crazy days! wish me luck!