My Essay Dissertation layout (Blogging)

This is my  32 page  dissertation layout, the topic I chose was ‘What impact do design blogs have on graphic culture” to see the rest click here, I really enjoyed looking at the negative and positive sides  of Blogging and It was interesting to find out what Impact it has on Designers. I interviewed Dave Smith that used to run GrafikCache design blog, and is currently contributing with Grafik magazine blog every Friday, which Is great. Overall  this essay really helped me to find out a bunch of absolutely great new blogs, and the variety of them is unbelievable,What’s your favourite blog/s? Would be good if you shared them here with everyone :)


7 Hours notebook by Vasare (me)

This is one the my latest quick half day  projects for uni where I decided to create a booklet/notebook called 7 hours, the booklet contains collages of images/typography and every page contains a quote from a song, the booklet is called 7 hours because I am trying to say that people could do more with their day if they wanted to, I created this 12 page booklet in 7 hours and the idea was to create a notebook so people could take notes of things they want to do but forget or ‘LEAVE IT FOR THE NEXT DAY’ :)

Latest booklets (part of uni project)

This is a photo of my latest few booklets that I’ve created for university assignments. Nicholson & Bass a print company that we had to rebrand, the grey booklet is my essay/dissertation about the Impact of design blogs on graphic design culture, and the last one is a notebook called 7 hours, the whole thing was finished in 7hours and contains different image-collages + quotes of different songs, part of the advertising project you can do loads with your day if you want to. Go and do it now! I will be posting photos of each booklet shortly so please keep checking.

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Calvin Klein collections.Vogue

I had Adobe indesign project in my University of Ulster Belfast , where i had to create a promotional material for Calvin Klein, i chose to do a double spread for Vogue magazine, because i always read Vogue, and i think it’s style and design is one of the best in magazine industry, i tried to pick a similar font and reflect the style of Vogue, used a bit of hand drawing too, and the rest is just indesign.