Summertime! Pastels and Pineapples

Summer inspirations!!!

Right now I’m just  doing loads of packing cause I’m flying back to my hometown Vilnius tomorrow (last time was pretty hectic too packing everything last  minute you can read the post here  lol. Here is some latest summer inspired bits n pieces  that you can see on my   pinterest . Hope you are having a great Weekend!  x

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Pinterest inspirations (2)

Its been a while since my last post  about pinterest so just a quick post to remind you can follow my inspirations  here , if you are using pinterest feel free to share a link to your profile on the comments bellow so I can see what inspires you all.

//Dar karteli noriu pasidalinti savo pinterest profiliu jei taip pat naudojates siuo puslapiu skirtu rinkti ikvepiancias nuotraukas ir t.t. galite mane rasti cia 

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Inspirations part two [magazines]

I’ve been looking for layout inspirations for my latest university project, and I thought I will share it with you, these are the ones that caught my attention the most  I love the use of typography mixed with large scale photographs that fits really well and this is something I’m interested in. I’m making an editorial booklet with shots that I took and I love flicking through magazines for some inspiration. Hope you like it  x

Inspiration Editions 205

I came across  this very cool publisher/font bureau  from France, called Éditions 205.The person behind this is called Damien Gautier and possibly a few other writers/designers. The books they create are very inspiring; check their website for  more

list of design Blogs that I read daily/weekly

I want to share a list of some  design/photography/illustration blogs that I read daily/weekly please feel free to share the ones you follow so I can expand my list :) My selection of Fashion blogs that I read will be posted in a few days so keep checking for those who are interested!


a print a day


Balla Dora Typo-Grafika

Ben Trovato

Black Maths




Friends of Type

Grid Based Designs

It’s Nice That



OK Great




The Strange Attractor