Google + I give up! Let’s do it

So After a lot of consideration  I decided to join, yet another social networking site , google+ , so this post is just to let you know, that if you are using it as well you can add me on my Google + Here.  I just joined it  so I don’t really have much information at the moment, but I will be updating everything soon. You can drop me a message in the comment box with your details and I will add you as well. Or share your experiences, how do you find it? Is it worth singing up?  do you find it more useful than Facebook? With no tacky game apps on the news feed I think its a Win! Especially when more people will be joining it, Looking forward to hear your views on this. Also If anyone would like an invitation for google + let me know!

//Gal naudojates Google+? Jei taip prideti mane galite čia

Thats cool!

Very interesting Birthday party invitation by Lundgren&Lindqvist’s

“Poster for Jonas’ (member of the Rough Lynx Soundsystem) birthday bash. To celebrate his 24th birthday he invited a few of the artists and DJs that Rough Lynx have collaborated with over the last years for an all nighter at popular Gothenburg hang-out Kontiki.Since Jonas’ nickname is Stare (Swedish for starling) we felt it natural to make an illustration of starlings for the poster. The layout is based on a grid consisting of 4 columns and 20 rows (4+20=24). Printed offset 52×72cm.”

Just back from London!check these cool invitations

Hey, sorry for those who kept checking my blog for the past 7 days to find nothing new…The reason? Had a rather mad week in London, ended up missing my flight,(well we new It was time to go to the airport but we chose not too and kept partying lol) Loved experiencing life in Lodon when ended up staying in Soho for a few days with my mate :D where we found the coolest Graphic design shop ever that had everything you would ever need, was gutted had no money to buy anything as all money was invested in partying like mad lol .

This is a graphic Design blog though so gonna share something with you here more related to the subject, but keep checking as I am gonna make a cool video from our ‘Party’ trip too London, it might not be related to Graphic design that much but our life experiences influence our artwork, and this trip was a one Big  experience!

Thought I will share with you this…. While reading a magazine one morning with a cup of tea I accidently spilled it and decided to move on to my laptop to check some blogs, then I came across this really cool graphi design invitations  for Helsinki Day party at Helsinki CityHall  by a graphic designer Tuukka Koivisto check out his work here if you like this