Infuse Your Wardrobe with a Tribal Touch


The fashions of 2013 that appeared on runways from New York City to Paris offer a bevy of interesting, unique styles and designs for every season. While most of the trends highlighted were bold, structured pieces in a variety of diverse, flashy colours and designs, there were a few designers who deviated from these styles and went for different looks, particularly tribal-influenced pieces. From outfits ready-made for an African safari to tribal-inspired accessories, fashion trends for 2013 suggest that looks created for jungle exploration are going to be a hit with fashion’s elite and offer option for those who are still into the boho scene.

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Expect to see a plethora of funky, jungle prints, such as leopard, zebra, and giraffe, as well an antiquated gold jewelry like embellished wrist cuffs and metal-plated neck ware this year. Although feminine prints and other girlish patterns will remain a hit with trendsetters, fashion experts predict that garments, jewellry, and other accessories bearing provocative tribal patterns and details will take over the chic set.

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Accessories with a Tribal Appeal

Garments weren’t the only fashion pieces given a tribal makeover for 2013, brilliant, extravagant jewellry adorned with feathers and beading and handbags and purses in wild, uncommon colours and exotic prints also got the tribal tribute.Similar to the boho style from seasons’ past, tribal-inspired accessories are bursting with intricate details and uncommon ornamentation. Mix up your sophisticated, colonial-influenced look by including a clutch or scarf with an African animal print or jungle-themed pattern. Simple jewellry such as vintage wrist cuffs in tarnished metals and classic jeweled items from 77 Diamonds, pair well with more ostentatious pieces like feather earrings or a gold-plated necklace. Jewellry designers have also incorporated eccentric jungle prints in their pieces like bracelets bearing a variety of animal prints. Since piling on the arm candy is another big trend this year, don’t be afraid to up the ante by adding a bevy of tribal-esque bracelets.

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