Must have social media mock ups for bloggers

Do you have a great content but is still missing something? This is a list of some amazing mock up packs for bloggers. That will make blog and your Pinterest and all social media have amazing graphics! Go get it.

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 InstaLove -Social Media Pack

Fashion Social Media Pack

Gaia Social Media Pack



Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and psoted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

KESS In House (Home decor products)

JUNIQE (Art Shop in Germany)

Wooop Art Shop (Art shop in France)

Inspiring design book, textures and patterns.

A while ago I was looking through this book that was pretty inspiring and showed how to create nice patterns and textures by using simple shapes and lines though I only managed to take take photographs of inside pages without taking the name of the book doh.If anyone could tell me how its called would be great, would really like to buy it. Attaching few images here.

added on 16:00 FOUND IT! via help and power of twitter bagofbees tweeted me that the title of this book is called Neubau Modul and you can buy it on Amazon here though its pretty expensive going for £150 new, more pages of this book can be found here gutted about the price though. I need it! :(

//Nesenai teko pavartyti tokia idomia dizaino knyga, deje sugebejau nufotografuoti tik vidinius puslapius ir neuzsirasiau pavadinimo, butu idomu suzinoti kas cia per knyga, seip idomi pavartinui daug kvepimui ideju,kam patinka tokio stilio grafikos darbai. Radau! su twitterio pagalba , knyga galima isigyti cia deje ji labai brangi. Daugiau knygos puslapiu cia.

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Inspirations part two [magazines]

I’ve been looking for layout inspirations for my latest university project, and I thought I will share it with you, these are the ones that caught my attention the most  I love the use of typography mixed with large scale photographs that fits really well and this is something I’m interested in. I’m making an editorial booklet with shots that I took and I love flicking through magazines for some inspiration. Hope you like it  x

A preview of my booklet ‘Spirit of place’

I did a  booklet for university project ‘spirit of place’ there is a preview  of the wee book I made and the rest will be published soon! A booklet contains series of photographs that shows the spirit of St george market in belfast, throughout different times of day/week


St. George market PHOTOGRAPHY -BY VN

Hey everyone, hope you all keeping alright? I am up and ready to go quite early this morning, have loads of catching up to do in uni, and especially when the trip to Manchester  days away I have a really crazy weekend ahead, which means work work and more work, I recently took loads of photographs in St. George market, that will be used for my latest uni project called  ‘Spirit of Place’ so lets call this post a  ‘teaser’ take a look at few of my photos from the shoot, but expect to see the rest by the end of the month  there will be at least 20-30 photographs in a nice problem solving format that tells a story.Feel free to drop a wee comment or add me on twitter to stay on track with my posts @vasare