My happy ending key story (illustrations)

So basically I haven’t been very lucky with my keys before. I had a problem. Well if you can call it a problem…ha! Everything began in 2009 September.I started 2nd year of Uni and moved in with a few people . I was happy to live away from home, until about a few weeks after when I realised that I can’t hold on to my keys properly. Oh how many times I have left my keys. I remember I used to take everything, my Ipod, my money, my phone, even my lighter….but not keys (of course I had lucky days too lol).

Perhaps now you are thinking, so whats the problem, why your housemates wouldn’t let you in? I Have no idea how come, but every time I used to leave my key, my housemates (yes all 3 of them) were either away on holiday, or working in a different town , or visiting family in a different city etc. One day was especially bad, I ran to the shop to buy some gas, and just 2 sec after I closed the door i realised I left my keys ,TV,laptop and the candle in the house. That night I had to stay at my friends house , the next morning I had to walk in the rain for  40 min, to get the spare key from the agency. It was the last time I EVER Left my keys. I thought I need to put a stop on this bad habit.

So what happened basically I decided to draw a series of keys, illustrate them and that way I Will never ever forget my keys, and it actually worked! From now on my drawings of keys are on the walls …everywhere, so every time I leave the house I see these illustrations and I remember my keys all the time.

So this is my Happy ever after…

(Feel free to share your key stories lol)


A few Pics from London

Hey Just a few photos from our trip to London, though I will post them here just so this blog would have a bit more personal feel to it lol  . I’m sure you know what’s in the first photo, beautiful Big ben. In the second photo  is my friend
Gareth and me just before a night out taking some pics in the metro station- Classy lol, and the 3rd one – us again…what can I say!  London was really good and I am going to  make a video from all the photos I took, hopefully will be finished shortly and I will publish it here, keep checking ;)


Review: idoodle2 light (apple iphone+ipod touch application)

Love to draw and create stuff?  Then check this free application for you iphone or ipod touch. It has all the basic tools for simple doodles, just when  pen and paper is not available or you have a long journey on the bus.I Found this application really simple to use, you can edit colours with RGB, select size of the pen, fill, erase, stuff etc. It’s really class the way you can draw with your fingers, it’s really easy to control the line and draw some quick doodles, give it a try and let me know what you think, when its free you just can’t beat it, a must have for every creative person. Please send me  your doodles and I will upload them here;) and for now Have a look at my first try :))

downdoad free app at

Olliver Jeffers. Publication Layouts. Experimenting…

Thought I will share my latest few layouts with you guys, these were aimed for te artist-Illustrator Oliver Jeffers it was part of the uni project that i really enjoyed we went to Dublin to interview him and had a great time. As for the layout I tried to play with colours, be a bit experimental with the layout  and use a bit brighter colours than you would normally expect to see in a magazine  , this is not the ‘final-final’ layout for the publication as the format is not confirmed yet but at the moment seems like its going to be A3, any comments more than welcome. ;)

Photographs in a subway

Hey! Happy New Year to all!! Sorry for not posting anything in ages..have been pretty busy, but my new year resolution Always find time for everything :D well its one of them…

Some photographs that I took for my photography project.The subway was really damp and scary, but it was good fun i enjoyed this risk, and a guy in a tracksuit bottoms that walked past me scared the hell out of me, thankfully camera wasn’t his object of interest that day !

Location Belfast, a subway that I found accidently.Somewhere near Office..

Camera Canon ixus

What else..Just me , my ipod and some magic gloves! lol it was REALLY cold!

Layout design for artist Oliver Jeffers

This is a double spread layout that  I created for the University project, we had to interview Illustrator/artist Oliver Jeffers and then create an article about him and publication design layout. I looked at some of his books and tried to find a simmilar type that he uses, I noticed that he likes to use quite a lot of blue colour in his paintings , so the paint marks on the page kind of goes well with his illustrations. The whole idea of the layout was to come across between Book, Art, and illustration.  The spray paint gives that  art kind of look, the  typewriter font creates the old vintage,hand made book effect, and the logo ‘Oliver Jeffers’ at the top has illustrative feel to it. Tell me what you think. X

oliver jeffers layout

OFFSET After-party in Dublin

Recently (on the 7th of november)  me and my uni mates attended OFFSET graphic design after party in association with GRAFIK magazine which took place in Dublin ‘Twisted Pepper’ night club, the whole event was really cool and  I was really impressed, there were 4 rooms of audiovisual treats, Donal Dineen in the stage room, Synth Eastwood, Dublin Streets, and The Small Print in the café, Bodytonic in the basement and more fun in the Mezzanine. There was drawing on the walls, and on the glass with these special markers, loads of great graphic designers and illustrators to share your interests and great music for a wee dance in between! We had a really great time so have a look at the photos and tell me what you think!

Matchbox Project

The project for my university, we had to create a match box that represents something about ourselves. So I created a little house, that has stairs, a wardrobe with some clothes and shoes lol (passion for fashion), and a few people waiting downstairs for a birthday party and my cat of course!!