Tea packaging MS

By the way I bought some lovely tea today as I have an addiction on buying loads of tea I probably have peppermint already, but the packaging was so pretty that I just had to buy it and it was only 99p per box , tell me now isn’t it such a pretty tea packaging? I thought so.. IT IS!

Soo pretty!

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wow tags By Multistorey

I was doing some research for my T-shirt branding project and found these beautiful  tags by multistorey they designed the entire range of Organise zone for M&S, the department that sells domestic items. The basic concept uses hundreds of coloured polyprop swingtags in the shape of whatever would normally be stored in the item sold (a CD Shape for a CD rack, a T-Shirt for laundry basket) Initially designer for the lifestore, the packaging has since rolled out into stores across U.K