Working on it

This is something i’m working on at the moment  in one of my previous briefs I mentioned about Student awards brief we had to pick in university and this is something i’m working on at the moment. Still more than 2 weeks till the final deadline, and i’m really excited to see what the final outcomes will look like, even though there is still A LOT to do, a lot of research to be done, but its all good and I really enjoy this project.

[translation] Mažas preview ką aš šiuo metu darau vienam universiteto projektui, jų yra ne vienas, bet kolkas dirbu ant illiustracijos projekto, kitas projektas bus apie madų fotografija ir panašiai, spauda ir grafikos dizaina, jau turiu nemažai idėjų dėl apšvietimo, kompozicijos ir aprangos, tik reikia sulaukti tinkamo laikotarpio.

“Tokyo Police Club-Your English is good”

Really love this song + video at the moment, just really creative inspiring video and such a happy song, just something what I need right now,hope you like it xxx

by “Tokyo Police Club-Your English is Good”

Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good from Saddle Creek on Vimeo.

Crazy Weird Lunatic Stop motion animation I made UH OH! (I’m not on drugs)

Lol Hello, one day I was in uni with my friend Gareth and we were making animations for one of the projects, it was then when I decided to walk away and started recording this crazy stop motion animation…Now I look back at it and it makes me laugh of what was going on in my head then. As my mate said it looks like i’m tripping in the library on some kind of drugs or whatever haha but yeah there you go hope you enjoy it cause I sure did! lol

XV Vasare

Illustration a day, Everyday 5

So today I finished my illustration and just when I was about to save it, my mac crashed! I was so not happy , do you know the feeling when you just can’t be asked to do the same thing after you forget to save it Ahhhrr!! :( and then I had to do it again but its never the same, thats what a bad day I had, but everything else was great found some great new inspirations on different blogs today and got a gym membership (thats a bit random ha but sure).

So todays illustration is called ‘Your mix tape‘ its a little  monster trying to keep it all for himself, and other little monsters are trying to steal it from him/her.You will probably think that i’m going crazy now! Long day more to come pretty soon keep updated:)