mornings of july

Currently chilling at home, cause its been raining most of the day . Trying to catch up with all unfinished work and sort out things on my mac its always  a total mess + want to update my portfolio/blog/ fb..also i’m hoping to read the rest of this  book that I got from my friend and hang a hamac in my garden once the rain stops. here is a few shots from today.

//Paprasta Liepos diena, chillinu namie, meginu pabaigti knyga kuria pasiskolinau is draugo, ir pabaigti kruva darbu kuriuos atidejau paskutiniai minutei. Jau poryt varom i dar viena festivali, ir si kart kamera tikrai pasimsiu!

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Photo diary A WEEK IN DUBLIN (May 2012)

Its been a while since my last blog post cause I was away to Dublin for a while. Here is a Photo diary from our week in Dublin. The zoo, few parks, sea side to name a few . There is some really magical looking places in Dublin!

//Foto Dienorastis is praitos savaites Dubline buvom aplankyti draugu, kiek nuostabiu vietu teko pamatyti visi tie spalvoti namukai, gamta, palmes, zaluma, labiausiai alpau del flamingu :)

pink flamingos & waterfall (dublin zoo)

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Swans in Vilnius

Took these photographs few weeks ago when I was still in Vilnius. My aunt told me there was loads of Swans near the river so I took my camera and rushed to see them. Such a beautiful and inspiring place, had a great time. Hope you like these.

Pries keleta savaiciu isgirdau kad prie upes priplauke labai daug gulbiu tai nuskubejau pafotografuoti, labai graziai jos buvo suplaukusios kerintis vaizdas :)

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this one is funny such an expression :)

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looking around : Autumn photographs

Its so beautiful outside, I can definitely feel autumn is here. These are some new photographs I took in the last few days, just exploring, through my camera lens.   looking around,getting inspired!

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Tulip print scarf, self portrait / illustrations

I found few vintage scarfs in my room, and decided to take some self portraits with my camera , and when then thought I will draw some quick floral illustrations,inspiration can come from most random things I guess! I just finished scanning all the work I’ve been drawing lately so I will upload  it on my next  blog post. Think I might have an addiction of beautiful vintage scarfs, If i’m at the car boot sale or one of those places I always grab few new ones for my collection. I guess sometimes it’s fun to do all these silly things…I’m away to get a coffee and finish  my new watercolour ink that I really like x V

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nature photography summer 2011

I was away to an island somewhere far away in ireland this weekend, and I brought my camera with me to take some shots, it was extremely sunny and we couldn’t ask for a better weather. Hope the next camping trip will be soon! There will be more photos from the trip on my next blog post, and Illustrations I’ve been drawing in the past few days will be up soon as well, finally had the time to scan it! yeess

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© Vasare Nar  2011