Instragram mini photo – Diary March 2013

Hello,  hope you had a great Easter ! I’m in Holland right now where I spent the last few weeks (nearly a month actually) , though I didn’t bring my SLR camera  so just had to use my iphone most of the time, but it does the job!

 Just a quick post to let you know, you can now follow me on  instagram  @vasarelle .


What do you think about my Ester Eggs decorations? We couldn’t find any egg dye since we left it to the last minute so I just got creative with sharpies  marker:)

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mornings of july

Currently chilling at home, cause its been raining most of the day . Trying to catch up with all unfinished work and sort out things on my mac its always  a total mess + want to update my portfolio/blog/ fb..also i’m hoping to read the rest of this  book that I got from my friend and hang a hamac in my garden once the rain stops. here is a few shots from today.

//Paprasta Liepos diena, chillinu namie, meginu pabaigti knyga kuria pasiskolinau is draugo, ir pabaigti kruva darbu kuriuos atidejau paskutiniai minutei. Jau poryt varom i dar viena festivali, ir si kart kamera tikrai pasimsiu!

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