Instant Download Hand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes

I have a new product at my creative market shop. A set of hand drawn shapes that you can use to decorate your work, blog or anything and make it more creative.

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Mix elements together and have a unique unexpected effects!

hand drawn cut out shapes creative market previewCOVER cut out graphic marker doodle shapes creative market adobe photoshop png 90s 80s colourful collage apparel collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes Preview collageHand Drawn Art Mix Modern 90s Shapes preview cover


You can use these graphics with Illustrator, Photoshop, Canva, Indesign (or any design programme you use!) to create awesome collages and overlay the shapes to add a playful hand drawn feel.

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S/S Fashion collection Dreams Reshape

I was going to post this project that I designed a good while ago, but ended up delaying it till now, well better later than never I guess. I created this fashion collection from photographic story I took in April, and called it ‘Dreams Reshape’ the idea behind was that if you let your heart to perceive you can discover the most beautiful things you look around. I also designed an iphone app and website where people would be able to shop the collection.

My Photography , Art direction and Design

Model in Photographs Hanna Lyttle

you can see the rest from this photo-shoot here 


This collection was created by using photographic story I took a while ago click bellow to see the rest of this project

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7 Hours notebook by Vasare (me)

This is one the my latest quick half day  projects for uni where I decided to create a booklet/notebook called 7 hours, the booklet contains collages of images/typography and every page contains a quote from a song, the booklet is called 7 hours because I am trying to say that people could do more with their day if they wanted to, I created this 12 page booklet in 7 hours and the idea was to create a notebook so people could take notes of things they want to do but forget or ‘LEAVE IT FOR THE NEXT DAY’ :)

I am Pepper T-Shirts by Vasare (ME)

A Few months ago we had a project in university where we had to create our own T SHIRT brand and design T-Shirts. I called my brand ‘I AM PEPPER’ the idea behind was that a word Pep means energetic lively, and thats what kind of attitude I am trying to create with my designs. These T-Shirt designs were aimed for graphic designers and people interested in design so majority of  illustrations has hidden little detail that could be hold relevant to design, or anything creative . I also created a few Ad campaigns for these T-SHIRTS to show you how fun it is to wear ‘I AM PEPPER’ tees lol


lovely posters by two talented designers

Found these on Behance network, something about these posters is so nice, the simplicity yet its not that simple to make it after all! Have a look and let me know what you think:)

“Chrysler – Paper City”
Car (shoot, retouch) – Lukasz Murgrabia

Environment (3D, retouch) – Pawel Nolbert


Latest booklets (part of uni project)

This is a photo of my latest few booklets that I’ve created for university assignments. Nicholson & Bass a print company that we had to rebrand, the grey booklet is my essay/dissertation about the Impact of design blogs on graphic design culture, and the last one is a notebook called 7 hours, the whole thing was finished in 7hours and contains different image-collages + quotes of different songs, part of the advertising project you can do loads with your day if you want to. Go and do it now! I will be posting photos of each booklet shortly so please keep checking.

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My animation for the eye clinic +

Hey everyone, so like I  promised last week, there are some  posts about my animation class. Part of the animation class was to create an animation for the Eye clinic. I Should be honest, I am not a big animator so to finaly get it right, took me a while, first attempts were by using Adobe Flash when I finally learned how to use it, well kind of, I decided that I would like to try a stop motion.

So there it is the final animation, which is let’s say Not Amazing, for for the first time lets say its ok :D hopefully I will imporve my animation skills this summer and be very proud to show you my new amazing skills lol

There are some screen shots of the animation

I will post my other ‘fail’ attempts quite soon so keep checking. +By the way i finally got my T shirt design printed so look forward to that aswell ;)