Top 8 Fashion Trends for 2015 to get you inspired

Fashion Trends for 2015

Looking at latest fashion trends for Spring / Summer 2015.

Some of the Key trends listed here: (source Vogue)

  1. Hippy Deluxe
  2. Ballerina
  3. Kimono
  4. Head to tow White
  5. Candy Graphics
  6. Pop Art
  7. Romantic Lace
  8. Monochrome

What is your favourite trend for Spring / Summer?

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Yummy posters!

Another day, another inspiring blog post, today  I  want to show you these really lovely posters by Oleg Kniazev Love these! such a nice use of colour. Reminds me of pop art posters in a way. What I have been doing today? Guess what… have been thinking of different brand names for my T-shirt project, came up with so many different ones now, but still feels like ‘the one’ is not there yet, Hopefully by the end of tonight I will have a name and will start working on the logo. Happy days! lol