Pop up card making[after a dream I had…]

Hey xx If you just read my last post, I mentioned that I’ve never tried making pop up cards before so quickly with the help of youtube I’ve made something REALLY simple, that took me about 5-10 min (a little x-mas tree and a random cube/box pop up card). Basically I just wanted to see how it works and it’s pretty simple. Obviously If you want to make something so amazing like in the video I just shared in my last post, you will need to spend hours making it, and especially for those that have great craft skills [jealous] it should be something really fun to do. You can stick things on it draw on the top and do all sorts of stuff, I would like to experiment with it a bit more, if I had time, I actually had a dream about one of my uni projects and the campaign I did was a campaign for ‘STD’ where I used pop-up technique, it had A LOT of detail and looked amazing and very shocking/effective, unfortunately it was just a dream, and I have no clue how to make proper pop-up cards and I thought I will give it a try, If I wan’t to make something like the one I saw in my dream I would need a lot of patience, so will se what happens…

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xxx vasare

[INSPIRATION] Beautiful Pop up art must see!

Very inspiring project, by Johann Volkmer wish my craft skills were as good so I could make something like this, right now I’m researching  different techniques on how to make at least a very simple version of one of these pop up beauties! If I will have any luck  I will make sure to share with you all.

Check this class laser-cut, pop-up card

Check this really cool laser cut card  by http://www.mestudio.info The card is printed on heavy white stock in two pantone colours and the pop-up letters plus fold lines were die-cut by a special laser using tiny perforation dots and then hand folded. I think its absolutely beautiful! :)