Illustration Collage for FASHION Magazine Canada

My Editorial fashion illustration / mixed media collage for Fashion Magazine  September issue that illustrates a story written by Grace O’Connell.
More work on my portfolio 
Looking for new commissioned work, can create mixed media collages for editorial magazines, collages for ad campaigns, and more.
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Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and psoted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

KESS In House (Home decor products)

JUNIQE (Art Shop in Germany)

Wooop Art Shop (Art shop in France)

Instagram Lately // Summer 2016

Hello it’s been a while since my last Instagram photo diary so today I will share some recent  Instagram moments.

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And share links to you own instagram so I can check it out too! Or any other cool instagram profiles I should check out. Have a wonderful day!

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Casetify (Phone cases)

Society6 (Art prints, home decor, tech and apparel)

Zippi (Art shop, products made and psoted from  U.K)

Design by humans (T-shirts and Stickers)

Live Heroes (For fashion lovers. Swimwear, leggings, cropped tops)

zippi art print home decor vasare nar illustration portfolio pastel typography cool

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80s and 90s Inspired Prints Patterns and Graphics

I want to share some 80’s and 90’s inspired prints and patterns  that I created recently.

Let me know which one is your favourite.

Available for licensing projects


Take a look at my portfolio to see more designs pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr--society6-shapes-photoshop- pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr- pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr-1999 pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr--black-kate-moross-inspiration- pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr--let's-party-fuck-monday-typography pattern-art-design-illustation-graphic-colourful-bold-textiles-90s-art-bold-contemporary-patternbank-vasare-nar-fashion-trend-2017-2016-summer-spring-cool-tumblr-2-geometric-

pattern art design illustation graphic colourful bold textiles 90s art bold contemporary patternbank vasare nar fashion trend 2017 2016 summer spring cool tumblr  triangles

‘Candy Crush’ – Abstract illustration

One of my new works.  Illustration ‘Candy Crush’ Abstract drawing, using markers, and felt tips. Available at RAD 


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Wednesday Pinterest inspiration (colour, print, and style)

New week = New ‘Wednesday inspiration post’ you can see previous post  here , here and here.  Is any of you on Behance? I just updated my portfolio and invite you to connect with me 

INSPIRATION PASTEL pinterest hair colour block typography mood board style fashion do not fear the future coolinspiration-pinterest-moodboard-christmas-tree-geometric-print-pattern-neon-leopard-animal-print-tumblr-


All images from Pinterest 

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My Tumblr – Art Design Illustrations

Just want to let you know that you can follow my art on  tumblr .

I always try to keep it updated with my latest  designs and works in progress. And for those that use tumblr to gather inspirations you can take a look at  my pinterest where I do all that obsessively ha!

art design portfolio illustration pattern collage mixed media just do it nike urban outfitters topshop inspiration magazine vasarenar designer aztec navajo trend 2014 2015 summer textile tumblr facebook art design portfolio illustration pattern collage mixed media just do it nike urban outfitters topshop inspiration magazine vasarenar designer aztec navajo trend 2014 2015 summer textile tumblr facebook hakuna matata tropical cactus clothing

you can follow it  here

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Illustration Portfolio, New updates!

Hi, just want to let you now that now I have a new Illustration portfolio , if you have tumblr you can follow my work here . If you read my previous posts you probably noticed that I created a new photography portfolio too. Looks like New Year , new portfolios, loads of things to update!:)

I’m always looking forward to hear from all creatives about work on different projects , commissions and collaborations , so if you are interested in any of my illustrations/patterns you can email me at for more details.

By the way I update my portfolio almost daily so I will be adding loads more work, would be really glad if you could share it guys, and thanks for visiting my blog.

// Susikuriau atsikira portfolio iliustracijom, jeigu turite tumblr galite rasti mane cia  o komentaruose galite pasidalinti linkus I savo, butu labai idomu pamatyti. I savo portfolio desiu darbus beveik kasdiena nes yra nemazai kuriu nesudejau ir kasdiena sukuriu bent keleta nauju, tikiuosi apsilankysite:)

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My new Photography portfolio

Hi everyone!  I just created a new site for my Photography Portfolio that you can see here  so now all my photographs will be separated from my other work (illustrations and art) cause I thought its better to separate it rather than have it all mixed :)  feedback really welcome , now i’m creating portfolio for my art so hopefully I will have it all done by the end of the week with loads of new work, have a great day! x

you can follow me on facebook  , twitter,  cargo  ,  behance  and bloglovin or subscribe in a reader

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