Pattern & Typography Art prints + FREE Shipping #Home #Decor

Hello, Hope you are having a great Sunday! I would like to share some  Pattern & Typography art prints that I have available  in my society6 print shop. There is Free Shipping promotion at the moment, so take a look at society6 great selection of art works, and maybe you will find something lovely for your home.


Posters from Top left: Today is the day // Life’s good // Stay Wild // Get Lucky // Wanderlust // Just do it

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Do you know it’s 10-10-10?

Hey everyone, I should be doing uni work, but I couldn’t resist to create a really quick poster for todays day! which is 10-10-10! Feel free to share this poster to let people know what a special day we have today (extreme exaggeration!) lol but yeah hope everyone is having a nice day i’m back to do my poster for uni with over 40 photographs and 300 words

xx V

Thats cool!

Very interesting Birthday party invitation by Lundgren&Lindqvist’s

“Poster for Jonas’ (member of the Rough Lynx Soundsystem) birthday bash. To celebrate his 24th birthday he invited a few of the artists and DJs that Rough Lynx have collaborated with over the last years for an all nighter at popular Gothenburg hang-out Kontiki.Since Jonas’ nickname is Stare (Swedish for starling) we felt it natural to make an illustration of starlings for the poster. The layout is based on a grid consisting of 4 columns and 20 rows (4+20=24). Printed offset 52×72cm.”