Morning coffee + New Weekly reading list

Hi everyone hope you are having a great week. I ‘m going to do a weekly post on articles that I came across and enjoyed reading (usually its  when I have my  coffee in the morning and go through new emails I find myself bookmarking articles that I would like to read later on..) So here are few latest ones that I  enjoyed reading  from ThoughtCatalog and  Rookie mag  . Feel free to share your suggestions for my next list!

Procrastination is not laziness 

A General Theory of productivity 

When things go terribly right

Rookie blog Be Your Own Boss 

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My company tonight

Tonight (same as last night and the night before, I’m doing all nighter/kind of)..  “A study or work session that goes through the night; studying without sleep (usually a last-minute course of action).” Normally followed by a lot of procrastination, but hey i’m not alone! I’m sure loads of designers/artists or just people that have insomnia every now and then are staying up tonight? Tonight I’m not alone though, my cat is staying up with me, he is so cute, cat haters Shhh :P