random late night post

So as you might have noticed I haven’t really posted anything for ages, the reason is that i’m well busy with all the uni work, and all the inspirations I look at everyday, well I just keep it in my head…:D so I have loads of amazing things on my mac , but can’t post it just yet, there i’m attaching a few recent photographs of myself random!. As you might noticed this blog is random anyway, and it’s category is pretty wide..anything from design inspirations to fashion, make -up, music, and anything else I find interesting :), gonna do a next blog on a few make up items I bought recently. At the momment i’m working on this branding project, my logo is finally done now I need to do stationery and brand guidlines and posters etc, so I will put a few pics when i’m done…have a great day/night everyone, don’t hesitate to leave a wee comment behind :P

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