dissertation :(

Hey everyone , So basically at the moment I’m really stuck with my dissertation and I won’t be updating my blog until I get somewhere, I was even considering to delete my Facebook for 2 weeks… I need 5000 words by next week and at the moment I have a lot or reading to do it’s interesting i’m not going to lie, but it’s not easy at all (see my face lol)…. So don’t be scared I will be back :) xxx

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Monday night celebrations

My last post was about branding project in university  ….how much work and sleepless nights we had, so on monday we handed in our project, and everyone went home to sleep to get loads of energy for a big night out :)) now it’s time to get on with the next project! Advertising campaign for either STD, Crime or suicide. Attaching some photographs from monday night celebrations you know you want to see it..


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My company tonight

Tonight (same as last night and the night before, I’m doing all nighter/kind of)..  “A study or work session that goes through the night; studying without sleep (usually a last-minute course of action).” Normally followed by a lot of procrastination, but hey i’m not alone! I’m sure loads of designers/artists or just people that have insomnia every now and then are staying up tonight? Tonight I’m not alone though, my cat is staying up with me, he is so cute, cat haters Shhh :P


Do you know it’s 10-10-10?

Hey everyone, I should be doing uni work, but I couldn’t resist to create a really quick poster for todays day! which is 10-10-10! Feel free to share this poster to let people know what a special day we have today (extreme exaggeration!) lol but yeah hope everyone is having a nice day i’m back to do my poster for uni with over 40 photographs and 300 words

xx V